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  • need feed back

    i finished (unless you say i haven't)the pic of my uncle that i've already had so much help from yall on. i was amazed @ how readily the calendar transformed, thought it would wind up looking bizarre.

    what i would esp. like feedback on is the one called shadow dancer. which version do you prefer and why, what needs changing.

    hopefully i have learned to link to the site

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    Hi Kathleen,
    Yes the link works great. Loved how your Mom's uncle came out. I was kind of curious about that one. You did a great job. I would never know that calandar wasn't there. You transformed it very well in comparison with the original.

    As to the shadowdancer. Nice artistic effects. I guess for my own opinion and mind you art is subjective, I liked the first one or the softer one. However I liked the added touch of color in the flowers you brought into the second one. I think the first one softens the little girls features and gives it an innocent quality. It looks like you were going for a mix of impressionism in water color. Excellent work in both of them. Looks like you had a good time with them.


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      that helps dj. gives me ideas of more stuff to try. and oh yes i enjoyed that a lot.


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        Fantastic job on uncle.....I have a great appreciation for anyone who takes the enormous time to get rid of all the scratches...I dread it when I get ones like that.

        On the shadow dancers, I kind of like the middle one I guess because the first one doesn't seem as focused and the last one seems too focused...but that's just me.

        keep up the great work!


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          Hi Kathleen,

          Ditto on the uncle. excellent job. On the shadow dancer, I liked the one in the middle also. It gave me a feeling of lightness, and I could see a dancer gliding through the air. The one on the right also has some fascination to it, but for *my* taste, it's a bit bold. I agree with Debbie about the painted flowers. I think it adds a little something to the image.



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            hey guys,

            thanks for taking a peek and the time to let me know. i am relieved to hear you think the uncle's ok. in the last stages, i found an original of the picture of my mom that is sitting on top of the radio in the uncle pic, inserted it, but it never looked just right, even with noise on it and a multiply layer, so stuck to the restored version.

            and the shadowdancer on the left is the original, that the shadow's head was cut off is an ability i inherited from my dad. it's my daughter @ 4y. i always loved the pic and kicked myself for the botch; little did i know that photoshop would come to the rescue one fine day. i think i have enjoyed working on it as much as anything so far; i do like the painterly part - maybe a less exacting judge than photorealism.

            thank you friends.


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              Kathleen, I really like the middle version of Shadowdancer. The colors are very nice and the softness adds to the magic of the scene. Oh to be a kid again and experience the wonder of a world only they can see. Tom


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                . . . "and I think to myself, what a wonderful world". . . that's one of my all time favorite songs; you reminded me of it. and . . . "if you are among the very young at heart." i need a smilie with music notes on it.


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                  whoops. note to self: always preview when you use smilies.

                  another note to self and anybody else who needs to hear it, remembered from the dim mists of the past:

                  put up in a place
                  where all can see
                  the cryptic reminder
                  when you feel
                  how depressingly
                  slow you climb,
                  always remember
                  "things take time"

                  -piet heinlein


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                    Kathleen, Excellent little bit of advice. Wish more folks would take it to heart . Tom


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                      I love what you did with this photo! I haven't really gotten into the artistic side of restoration, but perhaps I should venture that way a bit. Definite possibilities for creative outlet. :-) I thought I liked the one on the right the best, until I looked at the full size versions, then I decided I liked the middle one (just like everyone else). Amazing what different perspectives will get you.

                      One comment - and I'll readily admit this is a hangup of mine. I personally would have cloned out the shadow of the telephone pole/wires before I applied the artistic filters. Wires (or their shadows) just really bug me when the photo would otherwise be "perfect".

                      Just my $.02. Take if for what it's worth.



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