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  • Ninja Noise help

    I posted this photo in another group but really should have put it here. I am trying to fiind a way to correct this photo and several others like it where I took them using Musuem mode at a graduation and the ISO became 800 automatically. I am having trouble figuring out the steps to correct it using Noise Ninja. Any step-by-step help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Re: Ninja Noise help

    Well I used neat image which is similar to Noise Ninja. It removes fine grain noise. I first used a curves adjustment layer to increase contrast and lighten up the image some. I used neat image to clean up the messed up blue channel first. Then I used neat image a second time again on the entire rgb image. Finally I copied the layer and used overlay blending mode and a high pass filter on the layer to sharpen the image some.

    So So result. On this site there is a degrunge technique and tutorial which might approach this problem from a different angle.
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