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Street Sunrise

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  • Street Sunrise

    sometimes you take what you can get. As I was driving down the street, I thought The Sun Was HUGE. So I took a pic. no time for much composition. In a perfect world, I would have been on a beach or in a field. However...

    what to do to clean it up a little, or artsy it up so the street lights/signs are not a factor?
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    Re: Street Sunrise

    Here are a few I got just by playing with photoshop filters. it was fun, I never do that.
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      Re: Street Sunrise

      Thanks. I really like the last one. Kind of gives it a hazy look without blurring out the entire image.


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        Re: Street Sunrise

        A very nice shot !
        The healing brush should do an excellent job on this one. Just start on the lighter wires and tower. This will generate more open & clean area. Then work on the darker/heavier lines. At some point you may have to switch to the clone tool.
        However, with some time and patience you should be able to eliminate all of the clutter in the sky. Some of the poles may look good since they are in a nice slow repeat and match the street scenery. So, you may elect to leave those.

        Good luck and post your results !


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