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  • Nude Redux Review

    I posted this in the gallery but decided to redo it. I spent weeks or months on it(whichever is longer) and would like your opinion. Is it done?
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    Overall, a stunning piece of work, Greg. I'm in awe (again) of your talent.

    Here are two things that caught my eye. I don't think they're necessarily "wrong" and I suspect you've already considered them. Wanted to point them out from the perspective of a non-artist for your consideration.

    See the intersection of shadows just below her left elbow? If she and the picture frame are lighted from the same source, seems like the shadows would be a little closer in shade...maybe not the exact shade, but a little closer than shown. On the other hand, maybe not. I'm no shadow expert. Just tossin' that one out there.

    The other area that caught my eye is the very top/left corner of the picture....that little rectangle of wall just to the left of the frame that's "not" shadowed. Seems to me if you had about an inch of "tan wall" along the top of the frame, that corner might not stand out.

    Other than those, I can think of no possible improvements I could possibly suggest.



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      I thought it was so done, I just thru it together at the end. I though I used the same gray for both shadows but your right, it's not right, and the corner thing too. I'll fix it. Now that's all anyone will see, because you brought it out so early, oh well...........


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        Very impressive, you are very talented. oops
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          Thanks Sandra.

          Looks like we really need a spell checker here, huh?


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            Well, I have to say it. I like the one in the gallery better...

            The reason is, because she's inside the frame instead of outside it. Because she's obviously not a part of that painting, it makes a statement to me that she has "become" art herself, kind of like an Alice through the looking glass sort of thing. In the new one, she's outside the art looking in, so to speak. The first one (in the gallery) has her more intimately connected with the art itself. The second one reduces her to just a naked lady in front of a painting...

            All just my opinion of course...


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              Originally posted by Jakaleena
              [B]Well, I have to say it. I like the one in the gallery better...

              The second one reduces her to just a naked lady in front of a painting...
              Jak: but that's what I'm good at, would you prefer a boat? maybe a prop, hulla hoop, dogs are good too.
              your analysis is so philisopical, I can't obsorb it all. So......
              I think I'll keep both, and tune this one up a little.


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