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  • Mike Needham
    If you are asking is it possible to remove and isolate the blurred lines that go horizontally and vertically across the screen (in bands) - then I think the answer is no, to seperate this effectively it would have to be in a seperate layer or channel.

    However would be good if you could clarify and provide a larger screenshot of what you want again.

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  • Doug Nelson
    This is really out of the area of photo retouching, but it looks like a screenshot, in which case the easiest way is to simply get a better screenshot.

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  • garfield
    started a topic Help in tile

    Help in tile

    Hi! I would like to ask you the question. This is a file from a game my bro has. I would like to ask your help. how do I get the tiles or lined background out of the image itself and save that tile to be used for webpage background. this tile came from a filter I got somewhere on then net. Also, is there any other way for me to create tiles without using filters? Sorry if the image is not clear, I tried to fit it in the 100kb quota. Thanks for the answer!
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  • Rexx
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  • garfield
    A List of Photoshop Questions
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