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Worst Photo EVER!!!

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  • Worst Photo EVER!!!

    I have been so impressed by a lot of you on here and have learned quite a bit. I am wondering...

    Is there any salvation for this pic???

    I would be forever grateful for any help or suggestions!!!
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    Re: Worst Photo EVER!!!

    I think you forgot to post a link m8


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      Re: Worst Photo EVER!!!

      sorry about's posted now! Thanks


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        Re: Worst Photo EVER!!!

        Most definetly a bad photo, I could have done better but the photo was of bad quality too. Try and upload it to an off site website at full resulution or half if you want to.

        I did alot of Doge and burn, then exposure correction for the offset fade from the right-bottom, then a brightness contrast ADJ to finnish it off.

        Hope this helps,
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          Re: Worst Photo EVER!!!

          Thought I would give it a try also.. lots of masking on a variety of layers.. Did not keep track or make a log of the numerous steps
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            Re: Worst Photo EVER!!!

            I agree with the others, I think it may require a bit of work if you want it to look real good. Otherwise, I tried only working in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). It could be better with a higher res file. But, this gives you the idea of what ACR comes up with.
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              Re: Worst Photo EVER!!!

              I looked at your photo and my first assumption was you were talking about the dappled sunlight. But then I realized your main subjuct was rather grey and subduded do to the absance of much tonal range in that area of the image. If you are wanting to make the guys more vibrant at the cost of the highlight's A quick improvment is to equlize the histogram... Copy the image to a new layer and then, Image>adjustments>Equalize.

              That won't yield a finished result but it may be an improved starting spot if you can live with the cost. Followed up with some masking and selective adjustments I think it improves it considerably without to much time invested.
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