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    Well, I was working on an image and went to type something when my finger slipped. Suddenly my screen looked all weird and I had a heck of a time getting it to look right again. I thought all was well, but....

    Now, when I try to save my selections, it doesn't work right and I can't get it fixed.

    There's a screen shot attached. Where it says Name, I should have a white area where I can type in the info for the save, but now it's all grayed out.

    I have no idea what keys I hit when my hand slipped.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I can't save my selections with it doing this...

    Oh, it's PS 5.5, btw...
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    I've never had that PS or problem, but how bout reset defaults in preferences?


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      That in RGB mode?
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        Are you trying to replace an existing alpha channel -or- create a new one?

        If the latter, see if selecting "new" from the "channel" dropdown gets you moving again.



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          I'm grabbing at straws here, but is it possible that the destination file is not open? I know it should be, but is it possible that somehow it got closed when your finger slipped?



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            Greg - I did that

            Doug - yes, RGB

            Danny - a new one. The Create New Channel button is also grayed out.

            Ed - I closed everything and exited PS then re-started. Not sure exactly what you mean by destination file, but everything that was open before the slip was re-opened when I found that I couldn't save my selections as far as I know.

            I've never changed anything about the Save Selections before. It was on it's default settings when my hand slipped...

            And, I've discovered that the problem is only on that one image I was working on. Other images I open look fine and I can save my selections.
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              RE: Danny - a new one. The Create New Channel button is also grayed out.

              As it is now, PS thinks you wants to replace "L Hair" channel, as evidenced by the "on" radio button next to the replace channel option.

              Click the "down arrow" in the the "channel dropdown menu" --- to the far right of the "L Hair" -- When you do, "new" will appear along with "L hair" in the dropdown selection options. Choose New.

              That will "ungray" the name box so you can specify the new alpha channel name -- and will gray out the radio button options (replace, et al).

              Last edited by DannyRaphael; 07-28-2002, 01:23 PM.


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                Danny, you are a lifesaver! Worked like a charm...

                Thank you!


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