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Birthday Greeting Photo Project

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  • Birthday Greeting Photo Project

    Have a good one !-as they say down here in the deep south.

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      Wow, my own cathedral! You shouldn't have!

      Great job!

      What's that writing at the bottom?
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        "Santiago del Compestela" A big pilgrimage place in northern Spain during the medieval days. Also my initials and the date-something I'm starting to do with all of my photos.


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          That's a beautiful building. I assume all those people got out of your way when you climbed the ladder to straighten it out?



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            Wow!!! Paulette, that is soooo good. I can't believe the difference. Boy the detail just jumps out at you. I am amazed there was that much detail to be pulled out of that first pic. Good job with the perspective too.


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              That photo was taken with a $20 Polaroid point and shoot 35 mm camera that I usually carry in whatever bag I have on me. I was very surprised to see the detail which came out. Someone on this site recommended using a high pass filter to look for details.I've stopped lugging my good camera when we go on trips and have been taking my digital and the above-mentioned. Then I can have the fun of enhancing them.
              PS Fell asleep last night thinking about what to do with the waterfall picture.


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                Great way to fall asleep. If I thought about something like that in bed, my sleep would be hard to come by.



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                  I'm relieved to hear others actually ponder Photoshop possibilities before going to sleep. I get some of my best ideas that way.


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