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    Hello all! I am a new subscriber to this site, having manipulated pictures on an amateur level for quite some time now (mostly of my 16 month old daughter!). I am attempting to start up a restoration business (slowly) to supplement income. I received this picture and upon scanning, came up with nasty horizontal lines. I cannot get rid of them no matter how I try. I have researched techniques everywhere and nothing works so I figured I would bring it to the pros here! Any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hmm - pic didn't upload...

    Let's try again!
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      Hi Melissa - welcome to the site!!

      If it's possible, try scanning the picture sideways instead of upright. The horizontal lines look like texture from the paper it's printed on. Scanning sideways might eliminate some of the lines.

      Hope this helps


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        Hi Melissa,

        Getting rid of crap like this is a hobby of mine. If you don't have acccess to special filters it can be very difficult. It can still be done. It helps to make some basic selections and save those selections, such as around the circle in the centre, behind his head, his outfit, and finally, his face... then activate each selection and work on each section. To get rid of the moire with native filters, such as blur, experiment with gentle settings and repeat the filter, maybe going to fade>filter, etc.. Once you've gone as far as you feel you can without destroying the detail, move on to the blur tool, then take a look at what's left of the moire and then introduce texture and noise, usually on a new layer of 50% grey in soft light mode. This is an interesting technique and helps to camouflages the horizontal lines.

        It can be done, you just need to play around.



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          Thanks for the pointers

          and the warm welcome! I will try and rescan (right now the computer my scanner is hooked to is hosed). Mig - what kind of "special filters"? I love filters! Also - are there any free filters that handle this kind of damage? I'm trying to keep cost as low as possible. If the price isn't super high I'll suck it up but free is always a good thing!

          Thanks again!


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