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  • Critique Please!

    Hi gang! I still haven't attempted fixing the lines in that other picture

    HOWEVER, I had a very minor touch up to do for a friend. I was just wondering if you guys could give me your opinions. I had to really reduce the size of the final picture which compromised some detail, etc., however you'll get the idea. I'll post in 3 parts - original, screen shot comparison, final.

    Thanks for all your help!

    P.S. - the original was badly discolored and something had been spilled on it - not to mention someone wrote on one of the guys. I desaturated, adjusted levels using threshold, applied D&S and took a snapshot than went back over original with history brush, applied new sepia color and VOILA. I've already shown my friend and she loves it, however, my anal eyes wonder if something else can be done. Thanks again!
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    Here's the screenshot comparison

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      Here's the final!

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        Hi Melissa
        Welcome aboard. I'm not sure what you think more could be done to it. I think you did a fantastic job. The tone is nice and the photo looks sharp, there's a nice sepia tone to it and the details are still there. I can see why your friend loves it. You did an excellent job on it. It was hard to really see the spill or writing in the original but the finished product looks very nice.


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          Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I was really beginning to doubt my ability (or was it INability at that point?). This file is huge so some detail gets lost when I post here (with file limit) but here are the damaged areas.

          Thanks again!
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            Glad to have you aboard. I agree with DJ. I think you've done an excellent job with it. You've managed to put a lot of punch back into it without losing a lot of detail. Very nice.



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              I think you've done a great job with this!

              I think if you did any more, it would spill into "retouching" rather than "restoring". For example, I might be tempted to add a wispy cloud or two in the sky, but that is definitely beyond the realm of bringing the photo back to its original state and I wouldn't do it without first asking your client if they wanted more than was there in the first place. (Lots of clients don't!)



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                It really is nice, I like it when people are pleased enough with their work to share with others. Some of the whites are a little blown, but this is not a displeasing effect on this and focuses the attention on the subjects. Good work, I suppose the best I can say is, If I were a client I would be delighted at this.


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                  Missy, I'm thrilled with my picture!!! You did a fantastic job!!! I can't wait to surprise Craig with this - for his birthday no less! You are the best!


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