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    Hi all,
    Looking for some critiques on 2 photos I recently did. Still not happy with wedding, but client was. Will attach before and after for both. Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated.
    For the wedding, the client gave me the color scheme on the dresses and background. Thanks in advance.
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    Here's after
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      Here's wedding1
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        and 2
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          You really nailed the colors with Dad!! The only comments I have are related to some "spillover" of the colors. For example, it looks like perhaps some hat color on the gray metal above his head and on the right edge of the hat. There seems to be a patch of the jacket color on the dark triangle to the left of his right arm and also above his left shoulder. There is a blue streak across the fingers of his left hand; and it seems like you could have added a little more along the left pant leg. Also the "seam" between his left knee and arm. I might try to make the sole of the shoe a different tone than the metal beam he's sitting on (but that's being picky.) Please realize that I'm a detail person and picked up on these things after closer scrutiny to the image, but my initial reaction was "WOW!!" You really did great with the colors!!

          The wedding picture is beautiful as well. A couple of the skin tones seem a bit off to me, but I'm not one to complain about skin tones as I have a REALLY hard time with that - especially when there are multiple people in the picture and you don't want all of them to look like they have the same skin tone! You definitely show variation in the tones and that's good! The color of that back wall makes it really difficult to get skin tones that blend nicely as well, since it's close enough to make your eyes do funny things. Other than that, is there a reason you didn't color the green areas of the bouquets? I think that would be a nice touch - particularly in the bride's bouquet, since it still looks B&W. I think I get the pattern that the flowers matched the dress colors, so the bride's flowers would have been white, but it looks kind of flat without the greenery around the flowers.

          Hope this feedback helps. In any case, I think you should be really proud of both of these!



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            Thanks Jeanie,
            I missed those spots on dad myself. I think I got blurry too!!! Too much gun metal gray.
            The bouquets are green. In print they come through a bit forest green. But that doesn;t show much on the screen. That bg drove me crazy. The flower pattern was originally a red velvet!! Luckily I talked her out of it but couldn't let go of the gold.
            Thanks again


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              They are both wonderful examples of colorization. Love the colors you chose in the wedding photo. Excellent job. Certainly a talent to be proud of. Well done.


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                Beautiful work, Debbie!

                I really love the wedding one especially.

                There seem to be a lot of lines through the pants on the Dad one in the colorized version that don't seem to be in the original. Maybe it's just the way it shows up on my computer.

                Nice job, you should be very proud of yourself...


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                  I think you did a great job on these, in particular the wedding.

                  My only suggestion would be about the skin tones. From my observations, skin has several different colors, as opposed to one. I would, therefore, add just a very subtle bit of different color throughout the skin areas. And perhaps, desaturate (just slightly) some other areas.
                  Also, many women who wear cosmetics have a tendancy to have lighter faces than the rest of their body skin.

                  Oh, forgot one more thing. The whites (t-shirt) are very white. I sometimes think a very "white" white is too harsh.

                  Nevertheless, it appears that you have given this a good deal of care and attention - nice work.


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