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  • blurred

    is there a program or anyway of sharpening this picture especially on the right of it as its a picture of my Brother when he was @ school. He emigrated to Australia, & Has now returned to the UK for a 6 week holiday. he is now 64. & I would like to get it fixed for him.

    I did download a program called deblurring-release_v0.2.1 but dont have a clue how to use it
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    Re: blurred


    I recognize this picture as the one that I worked on and restored for you the other day in another post. If you want help in fixing that area of the picture that you are not pleased with, you might find better help if you post your original and not what I had already done. I don't think you are going to get a better picture in that area as the detail is small and it was not scanned correctly. Some pictures just can't be fixed as well as we might hope.



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      Re: blurred

      Hi CarolB

      I am so Glad I found who did this picture b4 I didnt mean to post yours really, But I just couldnt Remember who repaired it, & Which forum I posted it in. I did try searching my posts but maybe I didnt search Right. I will have to get back the original Picture from My brother as he is still here in the UK on Holiday from Australia. & I will try & scan it again. do you have any suggestions how high the dpi should be. Also the original has a rip top right which you repaired. so if After I have rescanned original @ say a higher DPI could you re-fix it again the torn piece.

      many thanks


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        Re: blurred

        Got a little more out of it. Scan it as high as you can as greyscale.
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          Re: blurred

          did you print this picture out then scanned again as how did you sharpen it, My Brother is on right hand side @ the back 2nd one in from the right But I have been told to weight that side of original photo down more flat and scan @ highest DPI which I will try when I get original back from my brother.
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            Re: blurred

            I added random grain, enhanced lines to gain a little detail and then removed noise.


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