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  • Man do I need help!!

    A friend of my wife's just lost their pet cat last week and I guess they never took many pictures of her/him. However, they do have the one I'm attaching, I told them I would look at it and see if I could fix it for them, but to be honest, I don't even know where to start on this one. I don't even attempt pictures with the problems this one has... any ideas would be appreciated. Oh and by the way, they want it to be in color.

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    That cat sure looks like our Tiger.
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      Do you envision trying to restore it (as best as possible) to original size (3x5? 4x6) w/o any cropping, or are you at liberty to zap some non-essential elements, such as the foreground clump (of carpet)?

      Is all the bluish texture from the original print?

      If they'd buy into it, I'll bet if this was posted in the "photo art" forum, some of our digital artist wizards could turn it into something that looked very nice. It wouldn't be 'photo-quality,' but under the circumstances, would provide an alternative.

      Would you be OK if I posted it there just to see what comes up?



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        Danny, they said that it would be fine to submit it to the photo art forum. All I have is the file they e mailed to me so I don't know the particulars on the original and I'm sure any non essential elements can be eleminated. It'll be interesting if anyone can do anything with this one.



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          Future mini-challenge image

          For all concerned... I'll be working with Ken to get a larger version of this image and make it available for a mid-week Photo-art mini-challenge.



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            Ken - I'm with Danny on's going to require some heavy work. I tried working on it a bit this afternoon and the result looked less than good...but we like the tough ones!


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              Gary, that photo of your cat is absolutely gorgeous! Did you do some retouching on it, or did it just come straight from the camera looking that perfect?

              Ken, once we get a better image with more pixels, I know someone here can do wonders with Pebbles. Wish I were going to be in town to work on it, but I will be out of town for a week. I will have access to a computer though and can check in and see all the wonderful pics others post!



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                Hi Ken!

                The result I got working on your picture is less than satisfying...but here is what I did:

                1) Run your picture through Neat Image (you can find it here)

                2) Selectively adjusted the colours with the Curves

                3) Selectively run Dust&Scratches and High Pass Filters

                4) Added a bit of noise.
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                  Thanks Flora. I think that turned out terrific considering the image.



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