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  • Photo's from video tape

    Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I have posted but now find myself with a new problem. I have been trying to capture pictures from DV video tape using MGI Video Wave and for some reason, some of the pictures I capture are quite pixelated. Is there any way to build up the photo's or clean them up? I am getting some really strange settings in Photoshop on the pictures. For example they will all read as follows: Pixel dimensions 1013K Width 720 x Height 480 pixels. Print size W 27.692 inches by Height 18.462 and the resolution is 26. All the pictures are taken from Digital Video which is broadcast quality. The strange thing is that some of the pictures from the very same tape will be ok, with the top settings and then others will be pixelated. Thanks again Marni

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    Hi Marni
    From my beginning experience with DV here is something I found out. The camera probably uses an auto focus setting. This causes constant refocusing at times, especially if someting move in front of the area you are recording. This will cause some frames to be less focused than others. This might be whats causing your pixelation problem.


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      Hi Debbie

      We don't use any type of auto focus, only manual and at all times, the camera is zoomed in, framed, and focused to get the shots we need, so that's not the problem. It's really a mystery to me especially the Photoshop details when I open the files to look at the clips. Thanks Marni


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        Check this thread. I doubt whether you'll get really satisfactory images as video/tv resolution is too low.