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  • Camera shake

    Hi folks
    Does anyone know if the problem of camera shake can be cured AFTER the photo has been taken...?! I've tried layering the image in various blend modes with no luck & wondered if there is a miracle worker out there with a cure.
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Go to the tutorial on MAKING IMAGES LOOK SHARPER and see if that helps.


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      Unfortunately, you can only sharpen to a certain degree. It will still probably have a slight blur to it no matter what you do. Unfortunately that's one thing Photoshop and others can't really do justice to. Sure wish it could because that's the number one problem in photo restoration that I get asked to fix.


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        Stuart the best way to reduce camera shake is to use a tripod.If this isn't possible,I use a trick I learned in the Army while on the rifle range,which is:Take a deep breath,hold and squeeze.Try it sometime.


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          Thank you all for the advice. I thought I was hoping for the impossible & you've confirmed it!


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            This is a common problem in the law enforcement arena. Often times license plates have to be reconstructed from blurry photos.

            There is software and I believe a plug-in that repeatedly applies an algorhythm (sp?) to the photo to bump pixels in the directions you choose.

            Of course, I do not remember the name of the software but I know it does exist and it does quite a good job.

            Maybe a google search for forensic photo reconstruction or similar searches can help you out.


            After doing a couple of quick searches, I found this product which may be useful to you. Check this link for info. This is not the product I was talking about above, but it seems like it might be a consumer level alternative.

            Focus Magic
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              Interesting looking software, Randy. I wonder if anyone here has tried it out? (They usually always show the best results in the ads )


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                Sites like this one lead me to believe that there's money to be made for those that can master the tools necessary for fixing problems of this sort.

                I've got a copy of one of the best (Fovea Pro) but can't make heads or tails (pun intended) out of it, due to the scientific nature of the process.

                This is no interactive, instant feedback restoration. Theres math involved, and some physics as well.

                I've exchanged some emails with the makers of Fovea Pro, to see if it's possible to put an easier interface over a limited selection of their tools, and the short answer is "no".

                But you guys are much smarter than me. Blur reconstruction is very definitely a form of restoration and retouching, so if anyone is inclined to investigate it, start some threads and do some research. Maybe we can get it figured out. I'll even give it a special sub-forum if enough interest is generated.

                Here's an interesting link to get you started. Here's another link, this one more theoretical (and with some interesting spelling) that might point some directions to look.

                Don't forget: make new threads with info.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  Randy that is interesting-looking software! I've D/Ld it but haven't had much chance to try it out yet. My quick results make me think that experimenting with Photoshop's own artistic filters may yield some good results when layered etc...

                  Doug thanx for these links. The picturesolve sight certainly has some impressive images uploaded, I'd be curious to know how they can extract this 'hidden' information exactly & if there are any of the maths that can be applied to PS's custom filter. (Actually that would make a good challenge or area for the site, creating custom filters to share...?) The other two sites are interesting too & certainly warrant further investigation.
                  The whole area of recovering blurred images is quite a challenge. I've used darken/lighten modes with selective masking on B&W images quite successfully in the past. This current image threw me though... Starting a new thread or tutorial on blurs would be a great way of sharing some techniques. I'm in the middle of moving home at the moment so when I get the chance I'll dig out some of my work & pass on what I have learnt.


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                    This is a subject worth more investigation, however, the links I've followed and found speak in terms that I won't understand in this lifetime.

           discussion on subject

                    A pdf manual for one of the image programs may be read here
                    Scion Image for Windows (same as NIH Image for Macs) If anyone understands it, maybe they'd be nice enough to explain it to others... including me? - in ANOTHER thread, of course.

                    Google groups don't appear to have anyone who links to an easier explanation either.
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                      I've had Focus Magic for a couple of months now and found it works well once you learn all the controls.I'm sort of a impulse buyer.This year I've also purchased Q Image,Genuine Fractals,Color Mechanic,[which I still can't figure out how to use properly],Monaco Easy Color, just to name a few.If it looks useful or fun,I usually buy it.


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