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Newbie Alert! Please critique!

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  • Newbie Alert! Please critique!

    I would appreciate a critique of my work posted here ............

    Last edited by sjm; 12-08-2002, 07:00 PM.

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    Sjm, After looking at the photos at the end of your link,I'd say 'GO FOR IT!!!" You do good work and with every retouch/restore you do your skills will only improve, NOT that there is anything wrong with the quality of your work now, you have talent. If you have a CD burner you might offer to burn both the original scan and the finished work( at a resolution suitable for printing and a JPEG version for web/e-mail use as an additional service) ,charging extra for it of course. Hope you decide to stick around as I know I could learn some things from you. Have a look over in the Challenge section--They are fun, instructive and provide for an exchange of information which is useful to all, AND, best of all, are cheaper than a seminar!!! Welcome aboard!!! Tom


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      Ditto on the "go for it".


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        I really think you should give it a try. Your work looks very professional to me--How lucky for you to have received such an offer!



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          Wow! Great stuff - take advantage of that opportunity. A couple show parts washed out, mostly in the darks, such as the young man's hair with the girl at the bar. This can be easily fixed - check out this link if you're interested in this type of thing...



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            Okay lemmy guess. "S" is for Sara? Pertaining to your question: I pretty much agree with what the others are saying. You are certainly *much* better than yours truly.

            If you stick around the site, you'll have access to all kinds of information. You can get feedback from some of our pros, and you can get our opinions on business practices too (although you might not need them). If you are seriously considering this, you might be interested in a new thread started by Doug. It can be found in the business section under work/jobs - wholesaling. Glad you stopped by. Next time, bring the coffee pot along.



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              I'm guessing "S" is for Susan. OK I cheated, her name is on the top of the photo page.


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                That's what I meant. If we had the spel chekker, it would have come out that way.


                We don't really need it, I'm just having fun.



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                  I agree - go for it!

                  I might be a little late chiming in here - and I don't know that I'm really qualified to give an opinion as I'm a newbie too. BUT, I think you should go for it Susan! I find that I am far more critical of my own work than other people are. I think that may be especially true in the "cropper" market, where the picture is only PART of what they're creating. (Wasn't there another thread on croppers recently?

                  In any case, you can create a brochure with some of the work you have on the website and point people to the website so that they can see the quality of your work. That will convince them more than anything else!