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Frustrated and could use advice.

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  • Frustrated and could use advice.

    I'm trying to fix and restore this photo, but I'm having a heck of a time. I have Adobe photoshop7 and I've used it for other things, but nothing like this. I'm about a 2 on a scale of 10 as far as experience goes.

    This image is a scan of a negative. I have this scan and one that is black/white, but the b/w doesn't have the same detail as this one.

    Where do I start? omg...I have tried doing layers. I can show what I've done so far, but trust me, it's not good.

    I can figure out how to do the layers, but I can't figure out how to correct the background. I tried to cut the image out and paste it in a new layer, but I'm doing something terribly wrong.

    I want to learn how to restore photos because I have a lot of them. I've watched tutorials, but I don't know where to start on this photo.


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    Re: Frustrated and could use advice.

    Well Pork Rinds that photo is a mess. You can post a larger version on this site incidentally. This photo needs a lot of work. First look at it in all three channels to see which channel preserves the detail the best. In this case it seemed to be the green channel. I decided to convert it to a black and white using a channel mixer adjustment layer which I did just using the green channel, and then I used curves to increase the contrast and later "Neat Image" to remove some of the scratches.

    So that did not take long and thats what I have uploaded. The next steps would be to restore luminosity and repair it as well as you can and then to re colorize it.

    I suspect others would prefer to work with the available color and that may be another way to proceed.
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      Re: Frustrated and could use advice. certainly chose an 17 on a scale of 10 to start restoring photos. All I can say is check out more tutorials, or if you are really looking to get into, check out Katrin Eismann's book "Photoshop restoration and retouch". However, the bad bad news is having such an old PS version is really going to limit what you can do and learn. It has come so far in its abilities and tools just for retouching I can't even begin to tell you.


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        Re: Frustrated and could use advice.

        Would it be worth a try to scan it again, and if so, what settings would be the best way to scan it?
        IF the photo weren't so important to me, I wouldn't bother with it. I actually paid a professional to restore it and she did a terrible job!--and I'm not super particular!

        The b/w that Phil did looks like I could work with it, but it's too small. When I scanned it originally, they are like 25 mgs.

        Yes, I definitely would love to learn how to restore old photos. I think once I learned, I could do a decent job.


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          Re: Frustrated and could use advice.

          The scan looks unusually odd for a negative. Did you scan on a flatbed scanner? Was the negative under plastic or glass? Did you clean the negative with a film cleaner prior to the scan?
          Regards, Murray


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            Re: Frustrated and could use advice.

            The negative is not the normal looking negative. It is on heavy paper, and its the old kind where it will fade when light hits it. I did use a flatbed scanner.

            Come to think of it, I think what I have is actually a proof, not a negative. It's got a silvery sheen to it, it's very faded, and I know that exposure to light will make it fade even more.
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              Re: Frustrated and could use advice.

              I Just tried to find the image using PS7

              Did a separate levels layer for the head,chest and lower areas of the photo
              combined/merged them
              channel mixer used mostly green
              Hue sat adj layer
              Used Polaroid dust and scratch (light)on a copied hide all layerm painted the light spots with white, then merged down and then did it again on a copied layer of the one just finished, unchecking the light box and using the dark setting
              Blended with a multiplied layer of the original
              some noise reduction

              Next... the fun part.... restoring the image

              Looking forward to seeing your final outcome
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                Re: Frustrated and could use advice.

                Wonderful! Now I'm going to do the least amount of housework that I can get away with, and then cook some dinner before the boss gets home, and when I'm done, I'll sit down and work on this photo.

                Thank you all!



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