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  • Background Crease

    I was playing around with my new camera, taking self portraits and not paying much attention to detail thinking I probably wouldn't keep the end results anyway...

    Then I took this picture, which I quite like, but the background is creased! So wondered if any one had any ideas how to salvage it?? I tried to clone the crease out but found it difficult because of the pattern. Or perhaps they is a creative way of cropping it??

    I'm stuck for ideas though, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the original unretouched image. Please feel free to give my any photography tips too, as this my my first slr and it's been a slow learning curve for me!
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    Re: Background Crease

    First pic...Fixed a copy of the original with levels... healed some face areas, smoothed lips and sharpened the Irises...

    Picked a couple colors next to the hair and put a new layer filled with a gradient of those colors under a copy of the fixed original masked the copy to hide bad background

    Second pic... replaced gradient layer with an Eiffel Tower pic


    you could use the extract tool and put any background you like behind her
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      Re: Background Crease

      My Remedy: I just made new ornament design background similar to yours and did some extensive retouches according to my taste.
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        Re: Background Crease

        Hi there

        I tried to make a background from the existing pattern

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          Re: Background Crease

          Thank you to all of you for your help! Wow everyone has done a great job with this! I like the the Eiffel tower idea, made me smile

          Did you all use the extract tool then put a new background behind? Whenever I do that I can't seem to stop it looking like the object in front is floating.

          Daviskw I really like the nice tanned skin tone, how did you do that??


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            Re: Background Crease

            New background.

            Larger file if needed.
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              Re: Background Crease

              Nice one Cupcake!



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                Re: Background Crease

                Thanks Cupcake I'd love the larger file if you don't mind.

                I really like the background, have you made it yourself?


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                  Re: Background Crease

                  my suggestion would be to take another shot just of the background when is not creased (if possible) and paste you on it...


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                    Re: Background Crease

                    Originally posted by czerwony View Post
                    my suggestion would be to take another shot just of the background when is not creased (if possible) and paste you on it...
                    Ah such a simple solution! Don't know why I didn't think of it!

                    Thanks Cezwony


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                      Re: Background Crease

                      I used the new content aware fill feature to smooth out the worst of the creases. I then lightened the model's face to make sure it was the center of attention which help draws your eye away from the background.
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