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  • Posting pics on these forums

    As a newby to this site, would it be possible for someone to give me some loose guidelines on the way things are done here regarding posting photos? I have read the FAQs and looked aorund a bit.

    My questions (feel free to add anything else I should know):

    Do people generally prefer to download attachments to view photos (100 KB limit) or link to larger photos on photo hosting sites?

    What's the deal with embedded photos? I have yet to figure out how they work? I don't see many around though, if embedding means what I think it does.

    There are some amazing pictures in the galleries - how do you post to them?

    Thanks for your time and patience.


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    I don't know about "people", but I'd prefer attachments to links, since they're more permanent. However, sometimes an attachment simply won't do, or there's some other reason why a link is preferred, and that's ok too.

    As for "embedding", the only thing I can think of is you're referring to attachments, which is done at the time of posting (little "Browse" button under the section where you type).

    As for the Gallery, simply click the "upload" link and follow the instructions. Make sure you tell it "Member Gallery" is where you want your image uploaded.

    And, as always, don't use copyrighted images unless you own the copyright, and keep the images family-friendly (our site is used by a lot of schools).
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Thanks for the reply!

      By embedded I was referring to what happens when you click the IMG button. I tried it yesterday, but couldn't quite get it to work for me - does this place the photo in the message without attachment or link?

      Any restrictions other than size on this?

      Is there an example anywhere?

      Thanks in advance


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        Toad - I think the "IMG" vb code is turned off so threads load faster. Those of us on 56k dial up (which as of the last poll, was about half of everyone) would have a devil of a time viewing threads with 10 images embedded in the thread...hence the use of attached files.


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          I think the limit for the Gallery is 200k. The rest of the site is about half that size.



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            I thought even the regular gallery was 100K and the only thing that had been upped to 200k was the new challenge upload area.

            I could be mistaken though (I was wrong once before - in 1976 I think.... )


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              Oh, I forgot I was going to say that I prefer uploaded images too. I've gone back to some old post with links, and the page they were linked to wasn't there anymore. Frustrating.


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                Limit for everything in Gallery is 200k.
                Learn by teaching
                Take responsibility for learning


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                  I was wrong again...

                  Must have been having a "Senior Moment"


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