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Partial photocopy and silver print output

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  • Partial photocopy and silver print output

    Greetings everyone!

    I've got a real winner for the group. I am restoring a missing section of an old silver gelatin print. Good news is I the customer found the missing section. Bad news is it's a photocopy!!!!

    I'm really stumped and a bit anxious about this job. I uploaded a snapshot of a section of it at

    I'd love to read anyone's suggestions and will offer help in return for their help!

    I'm using Photoshop 7 with alot of RAM and Hard disk space. I've been retouching for almost 3 years and am independent.


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    Oh Eric, I certainly don't envy you on this one!

    I tried a few things, but the copy posted was too small and pixellated to get anything worth posting here. In the end, after trying several different tricks to get the pieces to match each other and failing, I decided that if it were my headache, I'd once again resort to airbrushing....

    One thing you might do is check out Restoration Challenge #28 - Cisa for some ideas. The original in that challenge was a photocopy of a print. You might also check Restoration Challenge #2 - Old News Clipping to see if there are any helpful tips there.

    Good luck!


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