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Complex Masking/ Background Recreation

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  • Complex Masking/ Background Recreation

    Hi, I have a photo with a depth of field blurred background. I am trying to remove the gazebo (the black in the background) and replace with the other background in the picture (and so it looks good!) Ive tried the patch tool, clone stamping but cant get it to look good (or I remove the gazebo but the background is "smeared" from cloning or whatnot)
    I have attached the image, any advice would be appreciated
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    Re: Complex Masking/ Background Recreation

    I used CS5's new Content Aware Fill along with some cloning, masking and history brushing.

    It's not perfect (especially the area around the hair, but it should get you started :-)).
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      Re: Complex Masking/ Background Recreation

      A pretty garden and flowers made me feel great.

      I used quick selection tool in photoshop CS4 then I add new background.
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        Re: Complex Masking/ Background Recreation

        Hi..... I used the quick selection and refine edge in CS5 and also dropped in a new background.
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          Re: Complex Masking/ Background Recreation

          I would go for selecting the subject and replacing the background as well.


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            Re: Complex Masking/ Background Recreation

            Here is another idea!
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