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  • File size too big?

    I've been trying to post new entries but three or four times now I get a message that the file is too big.
    According to the Image Size reading on my Photoshop 6.0.
    the one I just tried to upload said it was 1.71kb. Others that didn't go through were all under the 200kb limit.
    Do you think I'm getting faulty readings from my program...or am I mistaken to think Image Size and File Size are the same?


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    right click on the actual file and go to properties...see what it says for file size compared to what Photoshop says.


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      OK, I'll do that. Hopefully I'll have some new pictures up today...Thanks, Greg


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        Looking forward to it!! I can't sleep for some I will be around if you need any help...just skulking over in the corner..


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          Well, here's the thing - I tried that and can't get a Properties reading when the file is still in Photoshop.
          We do that to images displayed on the web all the time, but while it's still open I can't find where "Properties" resides.
          Any clues?

          Aint insomnia wonderful?


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            oops ...I meant within Windows (or Mac) go find the actual file icon and right click.


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              Yes. Went there, did that.
              Turns out it was 247kb.
              Tried to opitimize within Photoshop - $!##* - so went over to Net Mechanic and used the Gif Bot.
              The result is now up in Retouching Challenge # 22 - Ken's Wife Tammi.
              Thanks Greg for pointing me in the right direction.


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                Now we just need to find out why Photoshop was displaying it wrong!


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