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Help my Granddad's heads on fire!

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  • Help my Granddad's heads on fire!

    I am really stuck with this one. The original image is in really bad shape, my uncle sent it from Australia. Its laminated so it has been a nightmare to scan. The top of the picture is discoloured - most of which is not important to the image so I've faded it to black. Unfortunately this also chopped his head in two!

    I have tried unsuccessfully to try and restore some tonal range to his head but everything I so just seems to make his head looks on fire. I tried donating some hair from someone else but its not the right type of hair.

    Please can someone help me tame my grandad's head or donate a new toupee.

    This is the only known picture of him, so any help would be really apresiated, Thanks in advance


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    Sorry the file didn't attach it self!

    Hopefully its here now
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      Clare, presuming Photoshop, try a pen path to isolate the faded area (or opt/alt lasso).

      Slightly feather the selection and then create an adjustment layer off the selection - a levels or curves adjustment set to multiply blend mode.

      Polish off with toning tools or a 50% gray overlay toning layer.

      Stephen Marsh.


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        try changing the mode to grayscale, or desaturate. I found that left his hair intact and easier to work with. Then you can revert to rgb and color or sepia or duotone with no overkill.


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          I think this looks better - not perfect but certainly better than it was. I used a combination of both of your methods and it was nice to be able to use his own hair.

          What do you think?

          I just have to work on the grain etc on the rest of the image now.

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            Just thought I would update this thread.

            I have finally got round to completing this image and have posted a before and after shot in my gallery.

            Thank you all for your help