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    Hi folks

    Attached is a photo of my in-laws wedding day taken in the 40's. It is the only one my wife has.I scanned it to try to bring out more detail in the faces. I fooled around with levels, curves. tried make face selections and adjust brightness/contrast..I made multiply blend mode layers,,tried soft light..I can't get it much better..

    I attached the scan before I fooled with it to see if any of you folks had any ideas..I'm not really worried about the scratches. I can take care of those.

    Thanks in advance
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    Very quick & dirty, but this is probably where I'd start. Looks like it would still need quite a bit of work after that, but the features of the couple are clearer anyway...

    1. Made a selection of the couple. Included a bit of the sidewalk because I'd probably work on it too to keep it from having a very different quality from the couple...

    2. Duplicated the BG layer and made a layer mask from the selection

    3. Adjusted the levels on the original BG layer
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      I forgot to mention that the first thing I did was check the channels, but it looks like it's been grayscaled and then put back to RGB or something - the channels were all the same. You might try scanning to RGB so that you can check the channels...


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        Thanks Jak

        I knew it was probably an almost impossible task. Thanks for the tip on channels..My scanner software prompts for b/w or color.. I always scan b/w prints using the b/w setting..That produces only one channel as you pointed out..I just scanned it as a color print and as you stated, there are numerous channels to look at..The k channel in cymk has more face detail..I will play with it but it is really blown out.



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          Here's what I did. Make a levels adjustment layer, adjust tonal values, then flatten. From Katrin's book "Restoration & Retouching", I used the fill flash technique to lighten the face of the man. Here's how -- duplicate the image, convert it to grayscale. Add Gaussian Blur (3 pixels). Inverted the image to make the mask.Target original image, and load the selection, making sure the document is the copy that you inverted. New layer via copy, and fill with 50% gray, and preserve transparency checked. Made a layer mask, then filled with black. Painted with white to lighten the man's face. Flatten. Selected both faces, made curves adjustment layer, lightened the faces a little, and darkened the features for more contrast. Flattened. Made a duplicate layer, used multiply blend mode, and decreased opacity for best image. Looking at the image after posting, I would now do another curves adjustment.

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            Originally posted by jerry
            I knew it was probably an almost impossible task.
            I don't think it's an impossible task (I never think anything is impossible) - just a very daunting one...

            You can do it....


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              Thanks Ed and Jak

              Ed I couldn't get all of your procedure to work but I used some of it along with Jaks suggestion to use another channel..I also did some hand painting on a new layer over the mans face and combined it with overlay..(kind of like your fill flash technique,Ed.)

              It is getting better but still needs more work..Attached is where I am so far..

              Thanks again
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                Way to go, Jerry! It's coming along great...


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                  I would actually like to see the photo much higher resolution. The .jpg compression throws off what detail there is. Any way you can post it higher res... somewhere?


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                    Hi Chiquitita

                    If you want to look at the 300dpi version, the only way I can get it to you is via. email..If you want me to email it to you, send me a pm with an address..



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