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I need some help from someone with a 56 k modem

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  • I need some help from someone with a 56 k modem

    I've been a little out of touch the last 30 days trying to learn video editing. I put together a 9 minute movie that was a suprise for my wife for her birthday.

    I am looking for one person who has a 56 k modem dial up connection to test this out for me. They would also need to have their computer speakers working as it is a music video. I just posted a quicktime movie that I need someone to watch and let me know if it works OK. I have a cable modem and it works good, but I need to confirm that it works ok on dial up.

    If your a Soprano fan, than you will really appreciate this.

    I am really not at a postion to post it to the entire forum, until I know it works the way I want it to, but if someone could help me out, please email me at

    [email protected]

    I will then reply back with a link for you to go to.

    Thanks again - Carl