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  • I'm having trouble with this one

    Well here I am again. This image is really taxing my abilities. Almost everything is wrong with it, it's too soft, the color balance is wrong due to fading. The softness has eliminated almost all of the face and clothing detail. The flash reflection in his eyes is difficult to remove due to there being almost no detail in the face. Is it hopeless? Your help would be much appreciated. The attached file is my orignal scan.
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    Here is where I have gotten so far. I've done some tone work, color balance and sharpening. The lack of detail in the faces is hindering the sharpening in the facial areas which is where the image needs sharpening the most.
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      Hi Kevin,
      I made a copy of bkgnd andd set it to soft light. Then ran high pass filter at radius of 30. It brought out some of the dress. I played with the levels a bit and filled with black overlay. Play with some of these settings and you might get the quality you want.
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        Ok, don't look at this too closely, especially my masking, since I did it very fast with just a mouse.

        First I adjusted levels on individual color channels. Then I duped the layer and applied multiply mode. Then I used layer mask on multiplied layer to hide all but the dress and coat. Then I duped the original and moved the dupe to the top and applied highpass (1.5) and changed mode to linear light. Then I duped the highpass layer again.
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          Thanks Debbie, I'll give that a try.


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            This is tough.
            It's late, so I can't give a detailed description, but here's the jist:
            I used "auto color" to adjust the color.
            I duplicated the original, applied the magenta channel to itself using multiply.
            I layered this over the original, duplicated the layer,and played around with the opacity.
            Sharpened using highpass method.
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              It's not a great deal different from what you've accomplished, but here's what I did...

              1. Adjusted curves & levels

              2. Made a new Selective Color adjustment layer and reduced the magenta in the reds. Flattened

              3. Burned in dress & jacket

              4. Used sponge tool to desaturate areas of dress & jacket that had shifted color from burning

              5. Used blur tool on harsh burned edges on dress & jacket

              6. Duplicated layer and did a high pass and set the layer to overlay. Flattened.

              7. Repeated step 6 two more times

              8. Duplicated layer, ran gaussian blur, set to luminosity with layer opacity @75%

              9. On duped layer, erased slightly over eyes, mouth & flattened

              10. Added a color layer and did a little color fix-up to the skintones. Flattened

              11. Smoothed skin & selected other areas using gaussian blur with noise and history brush

              12. Cloned out glare on glasses (needed more work but I ran out of time)

              If I would have had more time, I'd have gone a bit farther and tried the method from the tutorial on making images appear sharper...
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                Wow, Doug, Vikki, and Jakaleena, you guys have given me a lot to try. Don't worry about the time though, I've been fussing over this image for about 3 hours so another day surely wont hurt. But, thank you for your time. I'm going to try all of these methods and see if I can duplicate them and put this image to rest.


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                  My attempt!

                  Here's my attempt. I chose to do this without any local selections... all corrections were done to the photo as a whole, which usually makes the correction look more natural.

                  I first converted it to CMYK mode, because it's the mode where i can manipulate Curves the best in.

                  I ran over the image with the eyedropper and analyzed the CMYK values in the color tab. It showed that the dress and jacket was good in Cyan and Magenta, but the Yellow was cranked way up! This was an easy correction. I just adjusted the curve so the Yellow was about equal to the Magenta. Because Yellow holds almost no detail in a photo, i knew it was only going to affect the color and not any critical detail.

                  The Cyan was about equal to the Magenta and Yellow now, but i know that Cyan should be a little higher than Magenta and Yellow, in order to be a neutral white/gray. So i adjusted the Cyan curve up a little in the highlights.

                  I then adjusted the curves to get a more natural flesh tone. The Magenta and Yellow looked correct, but the Cyan was too high. I tried to lower it, but i couldn't lower it "too" much, because it would cancel out the Cyan adjustment i already made.

                  Then i went to the Black curve, and steepened the curve a "tad" where the flesh info is. That added a little contrast to the faces.

                  I decided not to sharpen the photo at all for fear it would introduce too many other problems.

                  I don't know if it's any better than the other attemps here... but at least it's a "different" approach at correcting this!




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                    Here's my attempt, I decided to use psp instead of photoshop because I got a newsletter from jasc on just this sort of fix in psp.


                    ps.....newsletter here

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                      Thanks John and Ken for your efforts. I have a lot of things to try now. I know that this image will never be a good candidate for enlargement but I still want to do the best job on it that I can. Thanks all for your help!


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                        Looks good Kevin


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                          A studio background

                          Hi Kevin...

                          here is my attempt at the pic. I sharpened, corrected colours and levels, sponge saturated the faces a bit, cloned out the glare and facial shine, cloned out sharpening artifacts on edges and then added a studio background. The background they were in ruined the picture in my opinion. I tried to bring out some detail in their white clothes using a mask and levels but there is so little actual information there that I'm not really satisfied with the results. I could probably improve on it using some of the ideas already posted here but I'm waaaaayy too tired.

                          (I was sorely tempted to improve on her bouquet but I decided to reign in my artistic licence and stay true to the event)
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                            Thanks for the work on this one Helena. This is a very good result. Sorry I am so late posting a reply. Guess I overlooked the e-mail informing me of your post. I like what you have done, especially the skin and color balance.


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