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    I am working on several b&w images. When I change them to RGB and use the channel mixer, I seem to get sharper and nicer tones. Since all the images are similar I save the channel mixer layer and load it to all the images. The problem I am having is then when I stop working, then continue the following day the tones change. The are all printing bluer today then yesterday. I've had this problem before. Can it be the printer? I'm using an Epson 2000P. Could be the ink cartridge. It says its around 50% full.

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    Could this be a function of prints looking better after drying overnight vs. "just printed / ink-still-wet" prints? In my case (HP printer) there's some difference between "now" and yesterday.

    Just a guess.


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      At first, I thought that may be the cause. Of course, I won't know until tomorrow, but its not a subtle difference - the tones are really blue.


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