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  • Am I ready to print out?

    any suggestions for improvement on this photo before I print?
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    I think that looks great. The only suggestion I might have would be to soften the lines in the neck area.



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      Really nice work in restoring the colour. I would say that it needs just a touch more sharpening - other than that it looks pretty good to go
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        better or worse?

        I frequently don't know when to stop.

        is this better or worse?
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          Without a doubt, much better. I am wondering though, if the size were larger, would the hair have a slight cutout look? Maybe not. Looks good!



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            Your first image:
            You did a nice job, and you didn't overdo it.
            Personally I would change the background, as the wavey lines of the wood are distracting, and not a common backdrop.
            You might also consider removing the black (flash) shadow along the side of her arm (on the left).

            Your second image: I like that you've chosen a different background, but I would prefer a more subdued effect (just personal preference). Also, if you choose a background with similiar color and luminosity to the original, it tends to make changes less noticeable. It's often helpful to check out some websites of portrait photographers, to get some ideas for backgrounds and how the light is used.

            No matter what, if you like it, go with it.


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              Still at it!!!!

              time to quit?
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                Done!!Looks good


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                  Beautiful job!

                  The only thing I noticed is that on the example you posted, the vignette is off center a bit. Maybe it was just the cropping to post, but I thought I'd mention it...


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                    Somebody should be happy with that one.



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                      Originally posted by Vikki
                      It's often helpful to check out some websites of portrait photographers, to get some ideas for backgrounds and how the light is used.

                      Could you give the links to one or two portrait photographers. ??
                      I am trying to get a flat portrait image to have more depth or liveliness and have been looking all over RP but haven't found what I'm looking for yet. I know it is here somewhere.


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