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    I tried to follow the steps of digital creativity in transforming pic to sketch...some steps i kind of had to wing(wasn't sure on terminology) not sure if the face area is way to white and needs details added back in...also i am not sure (if anyone does this professionally)...what would you recommend printing this image on(paper wise)..i tried on reg photo paper and it looks odd..any tips.

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    MP, I agree that the face is too white...lacks detail. Was the original pic in color? If so, I'd suggest going back to it and trying each color channel to see which one gives the best results for the face. Then copy that channel and blend the face detail back in. You can add the sketch procedure to it before merging. Or, you can just do an entire sketch from the best channel, if other parts of the picture have good detail as well.

    I'd also say your pic lacks shades of gray...a bit too much contrast to print up well...which is why you were having trouble making it look good on paper, even though it looks okay onscreen.

    I wish you would post the original here so we could see what you started would help us give suggestions.



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      Here is the original...i am not sure what i am looking for when you say to go to each channel ....i used image Mixer...then adjusted the settings as channel 82 green channel 6 blue 14 constant -2...then i applied the Film Grade using photoshop 6.0 but i am not sure how to choose different channels and work from there...have to take my daughter to ballet...never enough time to finish what i would like...


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        mpskin, I haven't had much of a chance to play around with this technique, so can't offer much advice. If you don't get many responses here, you might try reposting to the Photo-Art forum where lots of people have been practicing various sketch techniques.

        As for whether the face it too light or not. I don't think it looks too bad personally, but it depends on the look you're going for. If you think the face needs more shading, then it probably does.

        I don't like to print photo-art on photo paper. You're right that it looks a little odd (at least to my eyes). You might want to try an inkjet canvas paper, or research some of the various art papers at I'm sure other websites have inkjet art papers as well, but allows you to purchase a sampler package to see which ones you like. I have been very impressed with some of the fine-art papers! (They're also more expensive than photo paper, but I guess you get what you pay for!)



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          Maybe it's me but I can't get the whole picture. I see only probably the top quarter of the picture.