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The most comprehensive multimedia project I have ever done

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  • The most comprehensive multimedia project I have ever done

    I wanted to share with you the most comprehensive, time consuming, but very rewarding project I have ever taken on.

    My son and I put together a big suprise for his moms birthday. She and I are big Soprano fans. We did a 10 minute music video which is a goof on the Sopranos theme song.

    It really came out better than I ever expected. You can follow the link to learn all the details and view some still shots from the movie.

    But what I would really like, is if you downloaded the movie.

    If you have a cable modem it will take you about 7 minutes, with a 56 k dialup it is about a half hour download.

    In return for your patience, I promise you a lot of laughs whether you are Soprano fans or not. I also promise this is a RATED G movie. Go here and scroll to the bottom of the page to download the movie :

    Thanks to Jackie for her help in viewing the test movie.


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    Carl - on my cable connection, it took only about 3 minutes.

    WOW! What a production! I'll bet your son and all those kids (and your dog) really loved seeing the final product - WITH outtakes - and your wife must have just been so surprised and happy to get such a work of art and love! I'm no Sopranos fan (have to pay extra to get that channel), and I think it would help to be one while watching -- but it is still funny, and very well done. The outtakes give a clue to some of the things that can go wrong during such a production, and I would imagine that getting the kids to stay within your storyboard plan might have been challenging -- but they must have had fun showing off! Your son on the motorcycle scene -- where it's zooming on one wheel -- I bet he re-runs that section over and over.

    This is one BIG job, Carl -- I'm extremely impressed at the end result AND of all the work and knowledge and determination involved to put it together and complete it with music, outtakes, etc. Did your wife have any idea of what was going on (with all those kids around, you with the cameras, spending all that time on the computer ) -- something's UP!

    WOW, Carl -- Major WOW!


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      Wow, That's AWESOME!! Took a while to download but well worth the time. Loved that dog at the end. I think you guys deserve an Oscar for that one. Wow, all the work and planning was fantastic. Your wife is a very lucky lady. There was alot of love in that work. Thanks for sharing it with us. I too am not a Soprano's fan but I know enough about them to know you did a great job with this production.

      Oh, I also meant to point out that your morphing is so cool. Love the motorcycle and your son to man morph. Real cool.


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        Hi CJ and DJ (has a nice ring to it),

        Thank you for taking time to download the movie.

        I really appreciate all the kind words. I probably have close to 100 hours total in the production of Kid Soprano. It truly was a labor of love.

        My wife knew nothing about it. My 7 yr. old son managed to keep it a secret for nearly a month. She occasionally travels and there were 2 trips she took that allowed me to do all the filming.

        All of the editing, and encoding was a complete learning curve. The numerous manipulations involved a lot of sneaking around and making time to work on it while she was gone or busy.

        But for the birthday premier she really did'nt think it was anything but neighboors coming over for cake. She was definitely suprised and thrilled with the way it came out.

        The special effects were fun and challenging. I just started too work with animation and the motorcycle scene was my first attempt. I have a lot of fun with morphs, but have been doing those longer.

        I hope some more of the group will actually download the movie and let me know how you liked it, and also how it played on your computer. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face or your money back.

        Thanks Again and I am glad you enjoyed it.



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          My curiosty is up, I will download your film after I come home from work. I also enjoy making movies. Which software program did you use if you don't mind me asking?

          IT'S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!


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            I finally found time to watch your movie. Wow - I can't even begin to imagine how much time that took to put together! Looks like you all had a blast!

            Like DJ, I love the morph - really cool! Thanks for sharing it with us. I enjoyed it - and I've never even seen Sopranos.



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              Hi Hydia,

              I used a variety of different software programs for "Kid Soprano". At the end of the movie you will see all of the Hardware and Software used in the project.

              The primary editing program was Premier. The stills were shot over the years. Most of the photos are from within the last couple years and were digital . There were over 40 different and unique manipulations which I used a variety of plugins and filters.

              MPEG encoding for DVD and the internet was primarily done by a program called Tmpgenc.

              Once you watch it maybe you can reply back to the forum and let me know how you liked it.




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                Only took 2 quick games of solitaire to download, more than well worth the wait.
                Bet your wife was overly pleased with this, what a great gift for her.
                I have, up till now, had no interest in movie making but this sure changes my thinking.
                Thank you so much for sharing this.
                Congratulations on a job well done.


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                  Hi Carl,

                  Well, I popped some popcorn, sipped my soda and ate some Mike and Ikes. I rate this movie 5 smiley faces

                  Using 56k modem took approx 20 min to download.

                  The hard and long work payed off. Well planned out and I loved the outtakes. Loved the choice of soundtrack. Love the special effects and the morphing. The outtakes were funny. Well done.

                  Seems like little Johnny can carry a tune??????? Did I just view a future singer???

                  I was just wondering if the type used for the cast could have been bolder. It was quite hard for me to read them. The other type was fine and easy to read.

                  I also think the credit could have been slowed down a bit. You put a lot of work into your project, and I think you deserve to have it read.

                  Hope you don't mind my last comments-these are just some of the things I try to look out for when I make my movies.

                  Thanks for the show


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                    Sorry for the late reply, we've been a little busy the last couple days.

                    Hydia, Jeanie, and Platscha, thanks for taking the time to download and watch "kid Soprano" and for the nice comments.

                    One of the main reasons Hydia, that the original post was put in this section is that I really want ideas for improvement, particularly from a production perspective. I am really new to video editing and have much to learn. Transitions were something I did not use a lot of in "Kid Soprano". I am working on a Christmas project that I am taking more time to incorporate some of the finer details.

                    What you mentioned about the credits is true when your watching it on a web version. When viewing on a TV the credits are very readable, but I do agree they need to run slower.

                    Jeanie and Platscha it is really rewarding to hear comments such as yours because it was important for me to make this movie enjoyable and funny to those who have never seen the Sopranos.

                    I'll wrap this up by saying I really value this groups opinions and I am challenged to take on new and unique projects as a result of participating in friendly helpful forums such as Retouch pro. I'll end by reading the headline in our paper today..

                    "Kid Soprano opens to critic's praise, but fell short at the box office" (shameless plug)

                    Hoping a few more of you can visit the movies this weekend and offer up your valuable feedback. Football games are great times to do longer than average downloads. (shameless begging)