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    hi! i need your help with this. this is my first retouching job of my classmate and i don't know honestly how can i make this beautiful because if i use curves then the black background will be noticeable which is bad. so i dont know how will i improve this. kindly teach me how could i possibly make this look good. Also, can you recommend a good background for this photo that was scanned by my friend. i believe that you could also possibly teach me how did you made those changes to my photo? what frame can I add that will be good to look at? Next, why is it everytime that I scan a photo there appears a bluish tint in that photo? If I scan a text paper into the scanner can i edit it in the microsoft word? thanks for the time spent in reading this post.
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    Hi Garfield,
    I can't help you with some of your questions, but the basics are to first fix the picture as best you can. A very easy way if you don't know another way is to open the picture in ps and then open up Levels (not curves) and you'll see a button called AUTO. Go ahead and click that. You can manually fix the picture with Levels too, but for this picture it wouldn't make much of a difference.
    Now, if you do that you'll see a HUGE difference in the quality of the picture.
    You want to get rid of a lot of the "noise" in the picture, all that junk like dots and crap like that. You can do that with different filters like dust & scratches filter. You don't want to do too much with those filters though because they'll make it look blurry.
    For this picture you also want to darken certain parts of her face, such as her eyes, mouth and eyebrows. You want the viewer to focus on those parts, so you need to use the burn tool on those at a low setting.
    After you've done all that, duplicate the layer, blur it by 2-3 pixels, then change the blend mode to overlay, or soft light.
    This will give you something resembling what I've attached here.
    Don't change the background - you're asking for trouble doing that here.
    Sorry, I don't know anything about scanners or borders.
    Walang ano man, have fun,
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      Hello Garfield. I hope I can answer your scanner questions. Your scanner is almost like a digital camera. It uses the same type of sensor to record an image of what ever you put on the glass. If your images are tinted blue then the white balance if off. Whatever software you are using to make the scan needs adjustments, most "twain" drivers have ability to adjust this setting. A lot depends on which software you are using. Here is a link to a site that has very good instructions on basic scanner operations.

      Photography and scanning, how it works for those that want to know, with tips and hints about basics, and how to get the most from your digital camera and scanner.

      The question about scanning text, scanners can only take a picture of what ever you put on the glass. OCR, optical character recognition, software is necessary to read the text contained in a scan image. Most scanners come with such a program. My Epson scanner came with Textbridge Pro software for reading text scans. The file it creates is editable in most word processors.

      Hope this helps.


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        Not as nice as Mig's

        But here's my try at it, using Asiva. Basically just correcting the levels and the colors, without actual retouching of the image. Maybe this could be a baseline for other effects and adjustments.

        Friend Corrected


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          I tried

          Ok here's my version of your picture.
          I adjusted the levels and curves and added a dream effect action to it.
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            another try

            when I uploaded the other version it was still kinda whashed out looking. so here is another version.
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              Changing the background

              Jazz, you still have a lot of noise in the needs to be darkened and smoothed out. I downloaded your retouching attempt and made two changes to it. This is far from perfect, but shows what can still be done. As Mig said, it is sometimes best not to mess with backgrounds, but in this case, I think it can be done safely--easily, in fact, since this is a soft focus picture and blends away into the background already.

              First, to bring out her facial features, I copied the green channel and overlaid that layer in luminosity mode then merged. Then I made a solid black layer and lowered the opacity so I could see through it. Then with a really big fuzzy eraser I removed the girl. I used a smaller eraser to remove her narrow arm. You could also do this with a mask and paintbrush.

              Then I raised the opacity of the dark layer to about 80% to cover up the noisy background without being too opaque and artificial looking. I then colorized it with colors that are in her hair, so that it blends naturally into the background. So you need not have a solid black background...can be a dark color too.

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                Jazz, just saw your second upload...much better. In fact I rather like the halo around her head. Might blend that in just a touch more smoothly...the transition from light to dark is still a bit abrupt, but it looks pretty good.
                Seems you have done what I just got done suggesting without having read the suggestion yet.



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                  Garfdield. I used to shoot black background and it is difficult with dark hair people. You need a hair light for seperation.

                  Anyway this is a solution for your picture.

                  First go to render - lighting, use a spotlight intensity 17 focus 69, in properties from top to bottom 0-69-0-9.

                  Got tocurves and bring up contrast.

                  Use your magnetic selection and outline her face, sample her mredium skin tone and do a edit fill - fill fade till you get your look and thrn do the same thing to her hand. Then use the eraser tool and 50% opacity on the eyes ans Lips and teeth to bring up sharpness.

                  If you have Phtotoshop 7 use the healing tool if not use the clone tool and take out loose hair. Then clone hair into the horr. opening on forhead area.
                  Then use the blur tool low opacity on the forhead to blend everything.
                  See the attached. If by chance you have a liging system plug in do a hair light.

                  I forgot to tell you use the burn tool to take out harsh highlights.
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