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  • Please help with this restore

    I have never encountered a pic like this, I cannot seem to change the overall color of this image. The yellow seems here to stay. I opened my mouth and told the guy I could enhance this photo and now I can't produce. Can this photo be colorized or just cleaned up as a black and white. Thanks in advance

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    This is an "interesting" image. Do you know what year it was taken? I can't decide if it's a color photo or a hand-tinted B&W. Can you tell from the photo?

    I looked each of the red, green and blue channels. The blue channel seems to hold almost all of the "damage" (i.e., the yellow color.) But, it also contains the most information for the details in the baby's face.

    Do you know what color the woman's clothes are supposed to be? That might help you know when you've got the colors right. I tried replacing the blue channel with the green channel, but just ended up changing the overall tone from yellow to magenta. Not quite what I had in mind. If it were me, I'd try to find out a little more about what the colors of the clothing should be - then perhaps restore it to B&W and colorize it. Colorizing skin tones is a little tricky though, so I would only do that as a last resort.



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      From my end it looks as if some retouching or restoring was begun. Notice the irregular patch on the woman's arm. Perhaps you could continue the cleanup and make a nice b/w portrait. Sometimes I prefer that to color.


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        I had a kind of similar image once and it turned out to be a sepia toned B&W that was fading badly. And I do not think that the sepia toning was down all that well in the first place.
        Try the Eddie Tapp 90% thing and see what you think, I did it very quickly and maybe its better(?)


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          My vote, a sepia toned print that was lightly hand colored.

          The woman appeared to be the least damaged, so I added a curves adjustment layer and used the grey eyedropper on the white fringe on her pocket, the attatched image is what I think will be about as close as we can get to an idea of the original colors.
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            Going at this from another direction, I thought the color was too intense and the baby too light so I did the following;

            New Layer - with new layer selected . Apply Image (Green Channel)

            Make a copy of the background, move it to top - set blending mode to color - adjust opacity for quantity of color ( set it to 80%)

            Add a curves adjustment layer, blending mode multiply, add a mask to the curves layer and paint on mask to remove mom and the floor from the effect. I found that that was not quite enough so I duplicated curves layer, that was too much so I reduced opacity of duplicated curves layer.

            Added a curves adjustment layer, lowered contrast by lightening the black point and darkening the white point, then changed the blending mode to color.

            Lastly created a new layer, filled with 50% gray, overlay blending mode, and painted black on bottom too darken seat she is sitting on..

            This is a rough starting point from which I would do the clean-up work.

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              This picture is in pretty good shape but the rough texture of the paper shows in the scan...hard to get rid of, but you can lessen the effect with Photoshop. Yes, it can be colorized, but it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do this right. I would suggest you desaturate it completely and work on making a good black/white picture first, then add some sepia tone to it before printing, but with not as much yellow as it now has...that came from age and yellowing from oxidation of the paper.

              I am posting a smaller partially restored sample which is not finished (needs some hand work with blur, patch, and clone tools).

              I did several things to it, starting with removing the background and replacing it with clouds at medium opacity covered with a circular gradient to simulate photographer's background and background portrait lighting.

              Also put a big section with the baby on a separate layer then did a levels adjustment then faded it with multiply mode then erased around the edges with a large fuzzy eraser to blend it back in to the other layer before merging.

              Also brighten just the eyes by increasing contrast on an eye layer then blending with lower opacity.

              Softened the roughness of the paper texture by placing a duplicate layer over it and running the median filter then reducing opacity.

              All of this was done on layers containing no background. The people were separated before working on the picture, the background was made on separate layers beneath them, then all merged at the end before colorizing to a very very slight sepia tone...what I call a "warm" b/w.

              I think the picture is fine in b/w, but if you really want it in color, be sure to start with a cleaned up b/w version first!

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                I did play with this one a little and my best results were in B&W.


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                  I didn't take the time to do it, but I like Phyllis's idea of starting with a clean BW. Her version looks great, although I personally prefer the kind of "brush stroked" look that was on the original background... Here's what I did to it:

                  1. Replaced the blue channel with the L channel from Lab Mode

                  2. Adjusted levels on the Green channel'

                  3. Adjusted overall hue/saturation

                  4. Burned in baby and used sponge tool to desaturate slightly

                  5. Selected woman's face, minus eyes and mouth, to another layer and adjusted the hue/sat until it looked good to me

                  6. Smoothed new face layer using D&S/History brush and Gaus blur/History brush combo

                  7. Used blur tool selectively on woman's face layer to smooth skin

                  8. Added skin and facial highlights to woman using burgundy and brown on a new color layer.

                  9. Did basically the same thing to the woman's shirt and the baby's face...

                  I only worked on the faces and the woman's blouse since that's all I had time for. Hope it gives you some ideas...
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                    This one is tricky. You'll only be able to go so far with it doesn't matter what you do because the colour information is a mess - that is, if you decide to stick with trying to fix what you've got and not try and hand colour it. Jak did a good job on the re-colouring, but I've never been a big fan of that as it always seems to come out forced, like colourized movies. Depends on what the guy wants. He might like that style.

                    This is just one of many methods you might want to try. It involves adding a blended duotone. Basically you take a copy of the original, desaturate it, change the mode to grayscale, then to duotone, pick a dark and some other likely colour, then copy/paste this back on top of the original and, while keeping it in normal mode, reduce the opacity until the colour is tempered. But first, take the original and colour correct it with levels or curves. There's a tutorial on this site called blended duotone for the details, but just keep in mind you don't want to change the blend mode to soft light or overlay, but rather, keep it in normal mode, or, put it in multiply, reduce the opacity, then follow up with a curves adjustment to lighten it.
                    You'll end up with something ok-looking.
                    Obviously the backgrounds gotta go.
                    Good luck,
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                      I think that a b&w is the way to go with this one. I painted the entire image with a blck paint brush set to colour, then copied the layer and set the layer to multiply and lowered the opacity to about 40%, flatened the image and then created a new layer andpainted the background with a black paint brush and layer opacity set to about 15%. and finally a unsharp mask filter.
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                        MY tryout

                        Well I 've been on this forum for 2 days and seem like alot of people are having fun. This is my tryout. See if I can make the cut.
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                          very nice, Non, I'd just suggest a bit more contrast on the baby's face maybe. can you tell us what steps you took to acheive that?

                          - David


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                            very nice, Non, I'd just suggest a bit more contrast on the baby's face maybe. can you tell us what steps you took to acheive that?

                            - David


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                              Here is my try.

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