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need help making this sharper

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  • need help making this sharper

    can this image be sharpned I have adjusted the levels and thats it.

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    I have tried to download a picture showing you what it would look like but it wont down load for some reason. It is within the size standared but it tells me its to large. So all you have to do is go to unsharp mask and adjust it till it looks good. Do not do it to much or it will pixelate. Sorry no one has responded but sharpening someting that is blured is near imopssable. You can do just about anything but that.


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      Hi Mr. Jazz,
      Missed this the first time around, sorry. Quickly I duped the background and set the dupe to hard light. Then I ran the highpass filter(filter/other/highpass) and set the radius to 100. Anything higher makes no difference in this pic. Play around with it until you get the sharpness you want, set the dupe to vivid or soft light for example. You won't get miracles, especially on the faces, but it should help to sharpen the action.
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        HI Debby how did you down load on this sight. I tried seven different sizes and it would not let me. BUt I did the same as you, nice job.


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          Some general thoughts on deblur, unblur, focus issues etc...

          I usually consider restoring focus to be different than sharpening, although my hack methods are similar. A duped layer (perhaps despeckle) is set to overlay or other neutral blending modes suitable for this task (soft/hard light etc or new v7 blends). The emboss filter is used in a subtle attempt to add focus (try to match the highlights and shadows in the image with the right emboss angle). An edge mask or selective masking can also be added so that the whole file does not have this 'correction' globally applied.

          Follow this link for a Photoshop action to help restore focus:

          Chris Russ from Reindeer Graphics was asking about what software they could develop to help retouchers/restorers (in the software forum a while back)...I suggested deconvolution or some other method as in the above links to help users add snap to poor focus images (over what sharpening can do). I personally think this is an area waiting for commercial exploitation for a software maker, I do not expect miracles in results and from what I have seen from low funded projects a commercial developer could provide a very nice tool if they thought there was a market...


          Stephen Marsh.


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            Thanks, I had no trouble Phili1, did you check to see that you flattened?


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              Hi DEbbie, I did everything but last night for some reasom I could down load the files. I posted on the help sight and nobody can figure out what happens to me sometimes.