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  • Input/Help for image

    Is t possible to get some help as I'm stuck on how to achieve the post production look of an Alexander McQueen perfume campaign shot.
    There is a halo of light surrounding and bleeding into the skin.
    Has anyone come across the picture before and does anyone know how I would set about achieving it in Photoshop?
    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

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    Re: Input/Help for image

    Ok, in my opinion the result could be achieved in several ways but the most important part is correct lighting at the shooting stage. It is possible that the photographer also used a filter to accentuate the highlight spread.

    So if you want to achieve the look in post processing then maybe you could make a selection of the outline with a brush of appropriate size transfer this to a new layer and adjust contrast if required and apply blur to taste then adjust blending modes and or opacity to taste.
    Just a suggestion have not tried it. If you do post back with an image and your thoughts on if it works


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      Re: Input/Help for image

      Thank you Tony for your reply.

      I tried it quickly on a stock photo and was surprised as t how easily I came up with something very close. Obviously the picture needs more time an more care to produce a polished image.
      I went into Quick mask with the image, made my selection with the brush just inside the skin with minimal overlap. Came out and copied it onto a new layer. I then added some brightness and reduced the contrast. Then in Gaussian blur added about 5 to the layer. Then applied Screen to it from blending menu.

      What do you think of the rough image?


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        Re: Input/Help for image

        Looks pretty good to me and obviously the technique will work and you can play around to add more or less to get exactly the result you want


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          Re: Input/Help for image

          Thank you so much for your help Tony. I'm looking forward to shooting the image it's being used for.


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