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  • how to fix sticker text

    This is a detail from a portrait that is being used in a brochure (this is 1/2 width of full shot, brochure to be printed at 12" wide, full bleed) . The client doesn't like the text of the sticker "I can feel myself getting dumber....." and wants it removed/changed. This is beyond my current skill set. Any thoughts on the best way to approach this. Either making the text illegible with scratches and tears (which I think would be the best approach) or completely removing the sticker.
    All other retouching, colour and tonal fixes done. Image has photographic look so the retouching needs o look seamless.

    Thanks for any thoughts on how to approach this.
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    Re: how to fix sticker text

    what about changing dumber to better?
    Would only need minor fix.
    ett out of getting - b made out of the d of dumb or g of getting.

    that is what I would suggest as a fast and nearly invisible solution.

    But maybe I missed something...

    Good luck!


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      Re: how to fix sticker text

      I'd leave the black sticker in position and create a new graphic within it to cover the type. Maybe flag or team colours or some innocuous slogan - it depends on the context of the image within the brochure. Then rough it up a bit. You can do it all in PS or make up a sticker in 2D, print it out, rough it up, stick it on a crash helmet or saucepan, take a digi photo and montage it in position. That way you only have to worry about matching the lighting, focus and grain (if any).

      But if the client agrees, I'd go with girlsfather's idea!
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        Re: how to fix sticker text

        Copy, paste + clone could do it.
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          Re: how to fix sticker text

          Good ideas there.
          While I do like the idea of shooting a new (distressed) sticker, I'd like to approach this within P/S. In which case, what would be the best way to
          create that distressed look, the scratches and tears on the sticker (either the black one or the extended white one), other than simple copy/paste/clone? Any particular techniques that might be helpful. Would any of the artistic filters, in combination with other filters or blend modes etc, be useful?



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