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  • Motorcycle Picture

    this is picture of my great niece on a motorcyle, she is wearing a pink outfit from her dance lesson, I have been trying to clone on motorcyle jacket and boots, but have no luck. I was wondering if anyone can help me. I put on sunglasses, that was easy, but the clothes are hard for me to do thank you
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    Re: Motorcycle Picture

    I tried with much cutting and pasting and bluring and it's not the best in terms of quality of a picture. But I gave it a go and here is the result.
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      Re: Motorcycle Picture

      thank you so much, I love it


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        Re: Motorcycle Picture

        I tried to resize the picture, but I can't make it work. How would I be able to make the picture larger, thank you


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          Re: Motorcycle Picture

          You can do it with any program such as photoshop or Gimp.
          I use the transform command and I also use a higher pixel/inch than the 72 if I can. Might be my delusion but, it seems to help.
          And as always it's easier to go smaller than larger.
          I made it as big as I think it can go. But I think it's at it's limit. It's not as sharp as I'd like it to be but maybe it's something you can work with.


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            Re: Motorcycle Picture

            thank you again for all your help I use a free program called picnik, its is so good. but I could not make the picture any bigger without getting blurry. thanks again for your time and help


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              Re: Motorcycle Picture

              I am glad I could help.
              I am not familiar with that program. But with most I would make a new file the size you desire and then copy paste from the original. Then transform or change the photo size.
              That is if this is the only picture you have to work from.
              A bigger scan to start with would do wonders for you. <<Not a complaint just an observation.


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