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Changing the colour of a top

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  • Changing the colour of a top


    Could some one give me some advice on how to match this yellow swatch on this top. I've tried with selective colour and can't get anywhere near it, I'm having trouble with the mid tones and shadows.


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    Re: Changing the colour of a top

    Carl, couple of ways that I can think of that may work for you.

    Excuse the sloppy masking but just wanted to show the concept.

    First be aware that the point you choose on the top to match colour has a large bearing on the finished look

    1. Convert image to Lab severe adjustment of curves mainly in the horizontal to get the top colour to match (do not worry about other tones changing) yet.
    Use the Blend if sliders to bring back the skin, hair and background detail.


    2. Add new blank layer set blend mode to colour. Sample the top colour and paint over the area with the yellow. At this stage the colour and contrast look wrong but using Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E create a work in progress layer. Add a curves layer masked for the top only and adjust as required to bring colour and contrast correct
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      Re: Changing the colour of a top

      I don't have time for the masking Carl but you can make a rough mask that includes all the t-shirt. Go to Adjustments..Variations and make sure the slider is at max Fine. Hit lighter until the shirt is light grey. In Hue/sat colorize till yellowy. Colour Balance - use the 3 sliders to refine the yellow - this'll get you close. Colour curves - down blue, up red and up a little less green. Lighten all the shirt shadows and make sure the yellow is reflected in her skin. Use restore to pull back the hair and feather in the shadow transitions.
      Quick go attached, you can make it perfect...
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        Re: Changing the colour of a top

        Thanks for all the replies, you've all match the yellow in now way or another, but I don't think they look real enough. Do you think its more to do with the colour I'm trying to change it too?


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          Re: Changing the colour of a top

          No, IMO it is little to do with the colour your trying to change it to but more with your perception of colour in a garment.

          Your colour sample is totally blank and devoid of texture and shadow and highlight. Your sample image shows plenty of fibre texture and shadows and highlight detail.

          If you are not interested in maintaining the underlying detail in the original then just paint over with your colour - I bet you will find that it does not look real.

          If you want to maintain the texture of the original then any of the samples and methods shown will do the job. But you will need to fine tune colour balance and contrast to suit your tastes. My own examples were taken with the view that the yellow tone would form the basis of the colour in the highlights the other values midtones and shadows would fall where they will depending on luminance and contrast required

          The images posted were merely intended to show you some approaches to the problem you have, then for you to decide where to take it from there.


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            Re: Changing the colour of a top

            Thanks Tony,

            Totally understand what your saying, all the advice is a great help.



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