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  • snowglobes

    Hi all,
    Getting in spirit with the upcoming holidays, I found this great tutorial for making snowglobes:

    I've uploading my first attempt at following the tut. Plan on sending them as ecards when I perfect it. But it was good to do. I'm not too happy with the snow and drawing part, but that's my weakness. Next will try 2 really good looking plugins I got free from :
    Great prices on a large selection of domains. Find the pefect domain for your new startup.

    These are snowflakes and snowscapes, Gonna try them instea of painting the snow next time.
    Anyway enjoy the links and have fun.
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    Debbie, thanks for the link! I love that website and have read thru so many of their tutorials, etc., but never saw the snow globes -- really loved those when I was a kid, and still find myself playing with them when I see one in a store. This would be a nice holiday project -- then we have to make it animated so the snow will move around...


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      What a great idea, and you did such a marvelous job on the one you showed us. Looks like a lot of fun to create and know they will be a hit. Worth all the effort....

      Thanks for the tip, might send a few to my long distant family members & friends....


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        Well CJ that's my next step. I've done some minor animation with image ready and Gif animator so when I get some time and get daring I'll give it a shot too. If I'm lucky, my ecard will be animated. If that happens I'll post the steps so you and GOLDCOIN and anyone else can try it too.


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          Thanks! I'd be happy to see your animation steps. I'm going to take some time and learn ImageReady sometime s-o-o-n. Jane Curtice and I found quite a few tutorials for each other, and I need to start working with them.

          An animated e-card for the holidays would be great. I don't have to do one that fast -- most of my relatives and old friends don't even do e-mail.


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