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hi all. partly over exposed photo

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  • hi all. partly over exposed photo

    having trouble with this one
    please can i have some of your suggestions to restore this photo
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    Thia certainly isn't gospel. I think I would try and clone/patch the existing tree line that is in a desirable contrast, over the over exposed areas, not totally sure about the figure, but I think I would do my best with layer adjustments and then clean up with clone etc..

    Certainly not an easy task. I welcome other opinions on the matter too - I hate that my methods take twice as long and are as half as effective.


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      I downloaded the pic, and did a very quick fix on it. It is a long way from finished, but it is enough to give you an idea. I duplicated the background layer three different times, and set each duplicate to multiply mode, then used a layer mask on each one. Then I filled the mask with black, and painted with white to darken the lighter parts. Hope this helps a little. It took about 5 minutes.

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        I copied the laley twice with both set to multiplythen used a white paint brush set to screen to lighten the areas that were to dark and a black brush set to multiply to darken the areas that where still to light. then an unsharpe mask filterset to 80%and 3.8 pixles
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          Another way,
          Duplicate the layer and use the Dodge and Burn tools to get it close to how you'd like it. Don't worry if it looks a bit extreme in some places.
          Then, add a layer mask, and, with a soft brush set at about 50% opacity, fine tune the areas that are too extreme.
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            Tonal Range and Threshhold - My try.

            Here is what I came up with in about 15 minutes or so by setting the tonal range and doing a threshhold procedure. I also masked the upper part of the flushed out area and lowered the brightness a bit to get a little better depth.

            I think it may be a bit too dark.

            Anyway, if you are impressed in any way, let me know. I will try to help further if I can.
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              Vikkis great piccy redone a little


              I chose Vikkis version because I thought i was the best one and then I added some Levels in photoshop to it and added a little cyan and yellow to it as I thought the picture would bea more true B&W

              I hope it looks OK + I also added some small amount of sharpening. It may look terrible - it was done on my uncalibrated laptop

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