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Vin Deasel and my good friend Vicky

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  • Vin Deasel and my good friend Vicky

    This is my good friend Victoria next to her favorite actor Vin Deasel. Almost purely cut and paste, the only part I'm proud of is getting her skin color to look like that of the other girl's.
    I copied her face, tinted it yellow and applied it as a color mask. Then I just played with the opacity for a while.

    It was kinda going to be a christmas present maybe. But I can't quite get it to look right. Any sujestions?

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    And of course it helps if I attach the file...
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      Real cute. That's how my niece went to her prom with Derek Jeter!! Love it.


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        Wow, you did excellent matching the skin tones. Totally cool. She has such a cute face and smile, I think he's lucky to be pictured with her more than her with him.


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          One thing to do to when you are replacing a head in a shot is to lower the opacity of the pasted in shot and transform it (resize and skew) to fit the layout of the face you are covering. This way the eyes, nose and mouth are in the same orientation as the previous face.

          Then carefully erase the parts not needed. You may even set the eraser to a lower opacity as well. This way you can "blend" the two together.

          I think you did a pretty good job to start. The hairline on her neck looks out of place as well as her chin.

          I would try the above, and you should be able to get a pretty good patch! You already have the skintones matched.

          Let us see the final results?!



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            See the problem is the two faces didn't start at the same orientation to begin with... but this is the _only_ picture I have of Victoria and the best one I could find of Vin Deasel....

            But I'm not sure I understnad exactly what you mean... I kinda tried what you sugested but it didn't work for me I'm putting up the origianl picture though so you can see my predicament....
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              I think Paul means for you to play with the paste of her face. Use the transform to to resize or skew or rotate or what ever you can do. Try to align the angles as best as possible. Then erase to blend the two together, so you have a bit of her face and a bit of victoria's.
              Play around with it on separate layers.


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