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Moire pattern visible when printed.

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  • Moire pattern visible when printed.

    Hi All,
    I've been sent an image by a client which has a moire pattern when viewed at 65.2% and below, however, when viewed at 100% you cannot see it. Now I know that this should not show up when printed but the client assures me that it does (it's been printed in the USA and the UK at high quality printers)
    Any suggestions anyone? Really would appreciate your help.

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    Re: Moire pattern visible when printed.

    There's no way to tell without seeing a sample. Can you attach an image or part of an image with the affected area?
    Regards, Murray


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      Re: Moire pattern visible when printed.

      Sure, thanks Murray.
      Attached Files


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        Re: Moire pattern visible when printed.

        In cases like this it helps to know what size the image is placed in the layout. I will then scale the image in photoshop (so it gets placed @ actual size) and do some type of blurring on the problem areas. It would help immensely if you had a copy of the file BEFORE it was sharpened as any use of USM wreaks havoc with this type of subject.


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          Re: Moire pattern visible when printed.

          Thanks for your reply. The client seems to think he has solved the problem, but I don't know how yet. I'll get back to you when I know. Thanks for your help so far.


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            Re: Moire pattern visible when printed.

            with that kind of pattern you are going to get some optical illusions of moire.

            Flip through the channels in RGB and see which holds the moire and which is clean. Just replace the bad channel with the clean and color correct then scale it in photoshop and place it in indesign at 100%.


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              Re: Moire pattern visible when printed.

              Definately resample the image to the correct size/resolution it will be printed at, and then check for moiré. If there's no moire (at 100%), that's the best you can do without test-printing I guess... Perhaps try to avoid sharpening of the fine lines as pixelzombie suggested.

              It will still be an unpleasant pattern to look at however – causing some illusion of moire and "movement".


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                Re: Moire pattern visible when printed.

                thin lines near by each other produce a interference (interference moire).

                This can't be fixed with channel shifting or other methods. I seperated the channels and all 3 produce the same moire when
                looked at 60%. (Ok the lens has chromatic abberation too, but this doesnt matter here too much)

                Only Resampling for the right printsize will work.
                (a cheap way would be testing this with a nomal photo service)


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