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  • Shadow problem :)

    I have one problem with shadow and if someone can help me, it should be really nice

    At frist I dropped shadow this way - I made b/w person, flipped it and with free transform attached to the body.. at my first final photo I had on the floor blurred shadow.. Than I received many critique about it (not realistic look), so i did this second try. Is here some another way how to drop this kind of shadow? And is it now right or not? For me its too much sharp now..

    Thanks a lot for your help and meaning
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    Re: Shadow problem

    to me it looks a bit to sharp plus to black.
    shadows needs blur but you need just a small amount.
    and the shadow shouldnt be so black

    here is an image for ref
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      Re: Shadow problem

      Thanks a lot


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        Re: Shadow problem

        The shadow is only half the problem Jave. The lighting on the model does not correspond with the background flare which will make any shadow 'incorrect' (except to anchor the feet to the floor). The flared background would generate a contrasty shadow whilst the current lighting on the model would throw a softer and less dense shape. I would resolve the lighting issue before applying a shadow. Look at photo library models or take a snapshot yourself for reference.


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          Re: Shadow problem

          Oh I see.. It's harder than I thought.. thanks


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