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Important image is corrupted - help!

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  • Important image is corrupted - help!

    Hello there!
    Basically, my favourite teacher left on Friday,&we all got photos taken with him. I got one on my phone, and it definately saved, as I was looking at it on the way home.

    When I got home I moved the image to a different folder (ON MY PHONE) ready to hook up to my laptop and upload to facebook. I soon realised that I had clicked on the wrong folder, and thus moved it to the wrong folder. So I deleted it, thinking it would delete the image from that folder, and keep the original. WRONG. I did learn the hard way. I was in shock for about half an hour, as I couldn't believe I had done something so stupid.

    Anyway, I managed to RECOVER the image with an IMAGE RECOVERY SOFTWARE after trying about a gazillian! Did I mention this was a Friday night and the beginning of the summer holidays? So much for relaxing! The image kind of recovered. By kind of...I mean, it is there. BUT it only shows as a THUMBNAIL on my phone, and when I click to view the image properly, it says 'cannot read file'. On the computer when viewing the image, the thumbnail is just an icon, and it says 'no preview available'.

    HELP ME PLEASE?! I can't believe that after something so quick and stupid as deleting a photo I have to go through all this just to get it back. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me I can get it back!

    I know this sounds picky, but I don't want to pay anything either. I'm young, still in school, and my parents would never let me pay something like £50 for one photo because I was stupid enough to delete it. However, if they did, I'm sure I'd jump at the chance (THAT'S how bad I want it!)

    So it needs to be COMPLETELY FREE, and even if the image has a WATERMARK, I'm not too bothered. I just want THE IMAGE. So can you guys help? Sorry its long but thanks for reading this! This is an important memory I wish to keep, just this ONE photo, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

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    Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

    which software did you try? dont take anymore photos or do too much on the phone . will overwrite data more. hopefully someone can you out


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      Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

      Hiya, I used ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery) to recover the deleted photo. It wasn't the first one that I tried though, but the closest thing that I got to my image. I haven't taken anymore photos on the phone since the 'incident' and won't be doing until I know for certain that my image is safe or that there is nothing I can do. WHICH I AM DESPERATELY HOPING THAT THERE IS. Thanks for reading my post and for your advice.
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        Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

        I further tried Stellar Pheonix Photo Recovery and the image appeared to be mended! It appeared as a preview, though only at a small size which made me wonder whether this was just the thumbnail (since that appears fine on my phone). Anyway, is this proof that my image IS repairable? And I didn't go through with Stellar because you have to pay. NEED HELP, thanks!


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          Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

          Sorry about this, but I'm sure you'd rather read this than give me a full post of advice on something I have already tried etc...
          Just tried PixRecovery (demo) which did NOT work. Said that no material was recovered or something.
          THEN I just tried IrfanView, which seemed to me popularly recommended. Everytime I tried to just OPEN the image, it said that the file contained no image :/ PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS A WAY! I HAVEN'T COMPLETELY LOST HOPE YET, I AM SO DETERMINED TO JUST GET THIS BACK!


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            Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

            The loss of valuable pictures from digital camera can make anyone bewildered. When you face such tremendous data loss from your digital device, just apply an effective photo recovery tool to retrieve the lost pictures. Kernel for Digital Media is such a commercial software that assures you about easy and accurate recovery of your lost and damaged images from digital camera.


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              Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

              Do you know if this software is free? I shall check it out now, thankyou (:
              Any other advice is much appreciated also!
              Not much look with Kernal, I'm afraid! Same photos as before were recovered, whilst rest (including the precious one that I want/need) didn't show in thumbnail and when double-clicked for preview said 'drawing failed'. Any help/advice on this? In desperate need of a FREE software that WORKS. If StellarPheonixPhotoRecovery demo worked on this photo, surely that means that it IS repairable? Thanks all.
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                Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

                Photo Recovery Software can easily recover all your damaged, corrupted or even lost photographs in its original file format. It is capable to recover even deleted digital photographs, audio as well as video files. This software is very aesy to install and provide very interactive user interface.

                For More information:


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                  Re: Important image is corrupted - help!

                  Did you try PCinspectors smart recovery?
                  Helped me out .
                  But one the file you need is overwritten, it will be hard
                  Its in german but there is an english version


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