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How can I make this picture better?

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  • How can I make this picture better?

    I am making this picture for my Mom, she be 92, I tried my best, I am no expert on photoshop, I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas on how to make this picture better thank you
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    Re: How can I make this picture better?

    You have a yellow shift color. Try a blue photo filter and some highlights and shadows


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      Re: How can I make this picture better?

      Well thats a tiny picture you posted. Upload a larger size and one can see it better. The faces of the couple second from our left appears to be desaturated and there is a cast and several other things that could be improved.


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        Re: How can I make this picture better?

        Its a composit. First left is blue, the second couple is almost sepia, and the far right is very red.


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          Re: How can I make this picture better?

          Yes, I took three other pictures, and made selections, to show them at different ages, so how do i blend all the pictures together to make it look like it was taken at the same time? thank you for your help


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            Re: How can I make this picture better?


            I would start by scanning all the individual photos at 300dpi. Then I would adjust the picture that is going to have the background that you would be using. Do a levels, hue/satuation on it and if necessary an unsharp mask on it. Before you select any of the individuals from the other pictures, do the same steps only now trying to match the selected individuals to the main picture. Now when you select them to put on the main picture they will blend in. In the case of the black and white photo, you will have to hand color them to blend in with the rest of the picture.

            Since you really want the picture to be more of the individuals, I would crop away some of the sky and also put the couples closer together.

            I have done a quick example of that to show you.

            I hope this helps you somewhat.

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              Re: How can I make this picture better?

              thank you for all your help, I am going to try what you suggested


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