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  • PS 7 brushes

    So much was made of PS 7's new brush engine and how you could create works of art similar to Coreal Painter, Buzz, Virtual Painter, etc...

    Anyone have any success using these to get painter type effects?

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    There's a couple brushes I like in PS 7 that painter doesn't have but no, there is no comparison with Painter in that field. Painter is specifically designed to be a painting software with some photo editing capabilities and Photoshop is a photo editing software with some painting capabilities. But that's as far as it goes. They both have their strong points in which they rule surpreme. If you're looking for painting ability then I would suggest you move the file you're working on to Painter where you have what you need to complete the job properly. Equally, if you're looking for advanced photo editing then take it to Photoshop. Just my opinion.
    Also, if you're working with a stylus, then Painter really utilizes the pen's features far better than Photoshop does especially the tilt feature.