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  • help with top of head

    attached is a photo I am trying to fix but am having a problem with the hair on top. Does anyone have any suggestions and help on how to get the dark out. I have tryed curves.
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    Hi pjb,
    Try this. dupe the background and set to about 25% opacity. Then use the dodge tool on that layer set for shadows about 20%. Play with settings until you get what you like. Then blur area slightly.
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      It appears that the dodge tool is the way to go, but the problem is that there isn't any detail in the dark area, so the black "blob" turns into a gray blob when lightened. Thus, too much lightening and it will not look natural.

      The only other option I can think of is to find another picture of the girl at about the same time period and copy/paste the top of her head to get realistic looking hair on the top.



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        Thanks everyone for your help. I know I can all ways find help from you great people.


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          You could do a new layer via copy after applying dcarr's technique and then use the healing brush to grab the texture of the girl's hair from the part of her bangs that is good and put it on the top of her head. Then play with the opacity until it looks normal. That should give you the texture you are after.


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            I was kinda waiting for CJ Swartz to chime in, because I THINK it was she who gave a link once to a site that had a method of bringing out detail in shadow areas. I can't remember where it was - there's a link to it somewhere on this site, I know.


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              THIS isn't what I was remembering, but maybe it will help.


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                Your best bet here is to paint hair in using a small brush.

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