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  • sketching and printing

    I love the sketching that you can do with the photos and I am doing pretty good with them thanks to you all for showing me. But my question is how do you print them out. Every time I try all I get is white and a little black. I know I must be doing something wrong but what?

    Thank you for any help. I'm so glad I have some wonderful people to direct all my crazy question too.

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    What kind of printer do you have? Are you trying to print with color or black ink? Is your image in grayscale, RGB or CMYK mode? When you print "normal" photos, do they look the same as what you see on your screen - or do they look lighter?

    A little more info might help us "diagnose" the problem a little better.



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      I have a HP psc 950. I was trying to print in black and white. I am out of color ink at this time. Nothing but little black spots print out.

      Attached is a sample photo I was playing with and could not get anything to print.
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        Believe it or not "black" is created by blending the C(yan) M(agenta) and Y(yellow) inks from the color cartridges (plus a little black from the black cart). To get the results you're hoping for you'll neet to replace that color cartridge.

        Alternative: In your print setup dialog there should be an option to print black/white (only the black cartridge is used). If you select this option, the results might look a little blotchy. Given you're out of color, it may be the best you can do for the moment.

        Hope this helps...


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          When I print your image on my HP 882 printer using only black ink, I get what looks like a halftone effect. I.e., lots of black dots that vary in size depending on how dark the picture is - larger dots closer together in darker areas. But I take it this is not what you're seeing? Any chance you can scan in your print result? Does it look anything like what I have attached (the results from my printer) - or just random small black specks on the page?

          I guess I'm saying I really don't have a clue why this would be - unless your ink cartridge is clogged in some way? Have you tried printing any other pictures? I'm assuming the "psc" in your model number refers to PhotoSmart technology? I don't have that technology in my HP printer, so don't know if it treats printing with black ink only differently or not.

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            Thank you everyone. I tryed printing the picture on another printer and it turned out just fine. So you all were right about being out of color ink. That was my problem.

            Thanks again. you all are great for helping.



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