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Remember me? well here's my 1st Airbrushing!

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  • Remember me? well here's my 1st Airbrushing!

    thanks for all the help guys!
    what do you think? i still need to do something to the eyes.
    please give me some tips on eyes and stuff.

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    Nex your photo didn't attach. Try again.


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      Hi NeX

      I think your air brushing is excellent!

      The only suggestions I can think of are:

      1. Take some if the vagueness out of the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, and mustache, but leave the overall smooth feel to his image. Maybe make a new layer above the current one and run unsharp mask, amount 150-200, radius 2-3. Then use a layer mask to mask everything except the eyebrows, eyes, mustache, and mouth.

      2. Next are the eyes. If the above does not give enough catch light back to the eyes, maybe blend some in from the original but not full strength. Also, the whites of the eyes could use some toning down. Maybe borrow the color from the lightest grey in the graphic, set your brush to 25% opacity, and click once or twice on each eye and see how it looks.

      That's what I'd try. But it is a matter of taste, so you decide if you like it.


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        One word - unsharp mask

        OK OK OK that was two words

        First off I want to say what a great picture it already is, I wish I could do that sort of thing.

        I had a little fiddle with the photograph myself, just selecting the eyes ( including the lashes ) and adding an unsharp mask with radius set to 2 pixel and percentage about 90% helped a lot

        I actually tried a similar effect on the eyebrows and this seemed to work quite well. To be honest when you airbrush you need to make your airbrushing more specific rather than applying it to the whole of the face. You want to make the skin glow rather than blast the whole image. The idea should be to maintain som of the texture - escpecially the hair.

        have a look at to see what I mean. is the more detailed and larger image.

        Hope this helps - I wish I was half the artist you are - I work on real stuff cause I am not good at making it up ie drawing


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          HI Nex. My first question is I assume it started out from a picture, if it didn't wow you are some artist. Whenever yopu overlay colors on a picture each time you blur the eyes nose and mouth. So one way to keep them sharp is to go to SElect / all go to edit copy and paste and work on that. After you have gotten what you want use your eraser tool at alower opacity for blending purposes and a small brush and paint back the eys nostriles and lips. I am sure it took you several airbrushings and you want to do this for each one. Try it, the eyes will pop.

          I would like to know how you got the skin to shin like that. Great job and I wish I could do it as well.


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            In my opinion, the main improvement this image needs is some contrast. Here's the picture with some curves applied. If you're interested in the curves I used, I can upload them.
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              oh wow thanks for all the replies.
              phili1, yes i started out from a pic. about the shiny skin, i think (hehe im not 100% sure, because this was my 1st airbrushing) it was the color choices and all the bright reflections from light.
              i will try all the things that you all suggested. thanks again.


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                Originally posted by Barbie Hocking
                In my opinion, the main improvement this image needs is some contrast. Here's the picture with some curves applied. If you're interested in the curves I used, I can upload them.
                now that i look at it, it does need some contrast.
                only thing about curves is that it gives colors that you dont want you know, like that 'greenish' color in the revision you did.


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                  Sorry about that - my monitor has a a redish bias. I need to check images on a different monitor before I upload them.


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                    Nex if you use curves it should not give you a color shift.

                    I tried curves and also just contrast and I think all you need is contrast. I am attaching a sample for omparison.

                    I think its great on it own but the additional contrast make the eyes pop.
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