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Crosspost--do you all sell "art prints"??

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  • Crosspost--do you all sell "art prints"??

    I have some of what I think are nice portraits of cats...both my own and the ferals in a colony for which we care. I'm working on donating the feral portraits to Alley Cat Allies or someplace like that, but I'd like to sell the others if anyone would think there'd be a market for them.

    I attached a sample of a portrait I did with our kitten, Birdie. Available light, some PS adjustments, and voila! A (hopefully) interesting kitty portrait.

    So am I crazy? Would people pay for a picture of an animal that's not theirs?? I'd love to get into pet photography, but I don't have any place at all for a studio--I have to carve out an office for my photo work as it is!

    As I said in my crosspost (sorry about that, but I didn't know how much traffic the business forum gets), I've got to start getting back here.....there are lots of new "faces"!!!!

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    Think picture had an " Ansel Adams" look to it. I really liked it.
    I liked the form of it and the grainy black and white look.Has alot of appeal.

    As to whether or not cat art would be marketable, well all you can do is try. Who ever thought anyone would buy a picture of a can of tomato soup!Perhaps start with putting the pictures on cards. I for one have alot of cat memorablia although we are currently " between cats".

    This Christmas season I have photographed cats (among other things)and made "made to order cards" for people to send to special folks in their life. As a plus I included a jpg pictures of the subject with a holiday greeting for them to email.

    Good luck with the feral felines. It's heart-breaking to see how they exist.



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      I can't vouch for Cafepress or Zazzle, but I was told they offer ways for people to sell their prints.

      Celebrate everyone's unique identity and passions with custom t-shirts, stickers, posters, coffee mugs and more. Everyone is welcome.


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        Hi Gina,
        I love cats and they make superb subjects.
        No offence, but this image is dominated by the fluffy white
        cushion or whatever it is. Maybe from a different angle
        would have worked better. Any how ..I'd love to see some
        more images if you have.


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          No offense taken! Believe me, I'm a total amateur and have TONS to learn yet. I don't take myself too seriously....

          If you'd like to see other pics, check out my gallery. I have several of my cats in there, including some of the feral colony my husband and I care for.

          Thanks for the critique and for your honesty--I really appreciate it!!


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            Nice pics

            Some lovely images in your gallery, I very much like
            "Expert napper" and "Trust"