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    Hi again

    Gosh, I think I confused matters with all of these versions and replies. The upload named "lady" was "before I came to this thread. It was done with almost every tool except the filters. What knocked me over a bit was that version was about double the size and showed the distressing portions to me but now that it was reduced in size it doesn't look half bad to me anymore. Now that isn't skill accomplishing that, it's more of an illusion I feel. That can be significant in the future with other samples. All in all I do remain appreciative and did learn from this. Thank you all!


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      Here's one more sample. I dodged and burned and cloned to get rid of the cracks.
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        Pieere you didn't confuse us, you just lit a match on a bunch of artist and wanna bees. We respect your efforts and acomplisments, you did a great job. Think of us like bees to honey, when we smell it we go after it with passion, at least for me. I am still in a learning curve, so I take any opertunity to polish my skills and your submission was a good one to develop it on. Thanks.


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          Barbie & Phil

          That's a really nice job Barbie! I hardly ever use D&B tho, can you share some of your settings with me?

          Thanks Phil, I'm just going nuts this weekend.

          PS. I made a marketing piece that I'm going to print out as a 4 x 6 photo. Will you folks please comment on it? It's at


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            I set dodge to "shadows" and ranged between 6% to 22% exposure. Burn was set to "highlights" and had about the same exposure range. The dodged areas tends to have a bluish tint. To remove the tint, I mask a section, magic wand the blue, apply curves of more yellow and red, and reduce the saturation.

            The marketing piece looks very impressive:>)


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              Thank you very much Barbie

              I'm going to try that too. Regards!


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                Thanks Jeanie. I cant see it on my screen but I am in the process of learning to make hair, that will help me touch up. I left the eyebrows alone but in my final version I made the bigger and colored her lips red and also recolored her skin. Thanks for the feed back.


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